15 Michigan Bands You Should Really Know About
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15 Michigan Bands You Should Really Know About

We're more than just a Hockeytown.

15 Michigan Bands You Should Really Know About
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There is something particularly exhilarating about listening to bands that hail from your home state. Whether this means a hometown advantage when it comes to shows, or hearing familiar places in lyrics, there is nothing greater than sharing the same home as your favorite band. And for me, this means Michigan. While everyone knows The White Stripes, Eminem and Kid Rock, our musical talents encompass so much more than that. Along with the familiar music stylings of Motown that Michigan is most known for, Michigan is also home to the post-hardcore/punk-rock genre that is quite favorable in the Midwest. With musical hotspots all throughout Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Ferndale, Michigan is definitely the home to some great music.

Here are 15 Michigan bands you should know about, big and small. The list may surprise you.

1. La Dispute

This post-hardcore band from Grand Rapids is composed of both cousins and friends whose songs convey emotionally charged narratives that are brilliantly relatable and worthy of a plethora of emotional reactions.

Genre: Post-hardcore.

Song Suggestion: King Park

City of origin: Grand Rapids, MI.

2. The Cardboard Swords

If you dig songs that make you feel 15,000 emotions all at once, this band is for you. Each song is emotionally charged, beautifully poetic, and wickedly inspirational if you're in need of a little self-acceptance.

Genre: "Sad pop."

Song suggestion: Flannel.

City of origin: Grand Rapids, MI.

3. Citizen

This Michigan/Ohio band blends the musical stylings of post-hardcore, pop-punk, and indie rock into a musical culmination that is representative of Midwestern music.

Genre: Indie rock/post-hardcore/pop-punk.

Song suggestion: Sleep.

City of origin: Detroit, MI/Toledo, OH.

4. The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder features melodic death metal mixed with a little Sweedish death metal influence. This Michigan band has underwent various member changes since the debut of their first album, "Unhallowed" in 2003- but one fan notes that "with each lineup change, things generally tend to get better," Mike, 21.

Genre: Death metal.

Song Suggestion: Receipt.

City of origin: Waterford, MI.

5. We Came as Romans

We Came as Romans' songs feature a blend of post-hardcore and melodic metal with beats that are energizing and insightful in nature. Although well known, many fans may not realize that WCAR has Michigan roots.

Genre: Rock/post-hardcore.

Song suggestion: Hope.

City of origin: Troy, MI.

6. Stories Untold

Stories Untold recently debuted their first album "Can't Go Home" and since then has been making a tremendous splash in the punk-rock world, playing at festivals such as "Common Ground Music Festival" and "Bledfest." Whether you're looking for a song you can cry to, or dance to in your car, Stories Untold has you covered on both.

Genre: Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore.

Song suggestion: Things Change.

City of origin: Saint Clair, MI.

7. Gold Route

This Michigan band has picked up serious momentum after its inclusion in the 2016 Warped Tour, and is a guaranteed contender in the world of pop-punk. As is the norm with pop-punk, Gold Route's songs feature hard-hitting emotional sentiments intermingled with an energizing feel.

Genre: Pop Punk.

Song suggestion: Mindless.

City of origin: Metro Detroit, MI.

8. Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan is a hilariously witty band that will have you laughing just as much as they'll have you jamming along to their songs. Hot Mulligan has established a very dedicated following all through the Midwest and strives to see that following grow.

Genre: Emo/Pop-Punk.

Song suggestion: Jimmy Neutron Had a Dog So Why Can't I Have a Friend?

City of origin: Originally from the UP but now reside in Lansing, MI.

9. Spirit Breaker

Started in 2014, Spirit Breaker has accomplished a lot in two years, such as playing at Bledfest and Warped Tour. Spirit Breaker has musical influences such as August Burns Red, Architects and Convictions.

Genre: Progressive Metalcore.

Song suggestion: Threads.

City of origin: Dearborn Heights, MI.

10. Chiodos

Chiodos (pronounced "chee-OH-dose"), named after an 80's horror movie term is a band whose genre classification does not come easy. Chiodos can most accurately be described as a hodge-podge of pop punk, metal, with melodic sounds, and the occasional electronic beat.

Genre: Punk/metal.

Song suggestion: Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

City of origin: Davison, MI.

11. I Prevail

Most recognized for their cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space", this Michigan band has accomplished a lot since their viral hit, such as releasing an album, playing at various festivals, and having a single land #3 on iTunes' Rock Chart.

Genre: Hard rock.

Song suggestion: Scars.

City of origin: Rochester Hills, MI.

12. Shapes & Colors

Shapes & Colors is a genre-fluid band from Detroit whose goal is to create music that can reach the plight of many and touch on the hopes and fears of their fans. Shapes & Colors is a band that artfully chooses to experiment with a variety of genres in their songs, something that is quickly apparent to any listener.

Genre: Alternative Rock.

Song suggestion: Lately.

City of origin: Detroit, MI.

13. Oliver Houston

This four-piece band from Grand Rapids can best be described as "intricate yet fun" as a journalist from New Noise Magazine notes. Despite a recent growth in fans, Oliver Houston remains humble and strives to maintain the morality and authenticity that sets them apart from other bands. They enjoy touring, but admit they're a "house-band to some extent."

Genre: "Beach Punk."

Song suggestion: The Dork Ages.

City of origin: Grand Rapids, MI.

14. Lemix J. Buckley

From the first line of their new single, "Blue Hair", it is obvious that Lemix J. Buckely pours every morsel of emotion they have into their music. To accompany "Blue Hair," L-JB will be releasing their 3rd album on August 27th. According to their Facebook page, L-JB is "emo af" and is influenced by "any green thing."

Genre: "Professional Emo."

Song suggestion: Marla Singer.

City of origin: Westland, MI.

15. Mover Shaker

This "technicolor gloom rock" from Detroit has musical influences such as Modest Mouse, The Smashing Pumpkins and Jawbreaker. Mover Shaker recently finished up a month long tour across the Midwest and Eastcoast, and will be releasing their first full length album, "Michigania", in the upcoming months.

Genre: "Post-everything."

Song suggestion: No Backyard.

City of origin: Detroit, MI.

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