12 Makeup Hacks For Cheap Girls

12 Makeup Hacks For Cheap Girls

Hacks to fit a student's budget, a diva's look, and busy lifestyle.

College students, especially those of us who work, are always on the go. It's true that many of us girls would rather get those extra minutes of sleep than deal with makeup. Unfortunately, many of us are also on a tight budget when it comes to cosmetics. Food is usually more important than makeup, as well. So with budget and time restraints in mind, here are 12 makeup hacks to help out.

1. Wash brushes with face wash or dish soap.

Brushes get dirty over time and caked with makeup. They also gather bacteria and germs that can cause your skin to break out. Brush cleaners are sold in store, but there's no need to spend the money when you can clean your brushes with any gentle face cleanser you already have, or dish soap. Dawn dish soap usually works best on my foundation brush, which needs to be cleaned after a couple uses.

2. Use apple cider vinegar as toner.

If you're struggling with oily skin, don't spend money on extra face products or cut out your moisturizer. Using apple cider vinegar is an effective and inexpensive way to balance your skin's pH levels. It's important to still use moisturizer, but apply the apple cider vinegar first for best results.

3. Use coconut oil to remove makeup.

There's no need to spend the money on makeup remover when there's a healthy alternative in your kitchen! Using coconut oil to remove eye makeup is a great idea because it's natural and safe for the eyes, as well as very effective.

4. Reuse mascara brush to apply eyebrow color.

Instead of buying a new brush to apply your eyebrow color, reuse a mascara brush. Wash it thoroughly with dish soap, face wash, or brush cleaner first. The mascara brush does a great job filling in eyebrows when used to apply color.

5. Make some lip color.

Instead of buying a new lip color, save money and use an eye shadow or crayons to make your own. Mix the color powder with petroleum jelly to quickly create a lip gloss. I haven't tried crayons with petroleum jelly, but crayons with coconut oil will work, and eye shadow powder with coconut oil will also work.

6. Set lip color with a tissue and translucent powder.

Lip color lasts longer if after applying, a tissue is set over the lips and a translucent powder is dusted onto the lips through the other side of the tissue.

7. Heat up eyelash curler with hair dryer.

If you heat up the eyelash curler with a blow dryer, eyelashes get great curl quickly. CAUTION: WAIT before curling eyelashes after heating. Your eyelids are VERY sensitive, and you do not want to burn them. Check that the curler is not too hot before curling eyelashes.

8. Use a spoon for eye makeup.

A spoon can quickly and effectively be used as a guide for winged eyeliner. Use the curve of the spoon to create the wing. The spoon can also be used to keep from getting mascara on the eyelids. Place spoon between eyelashes and eyelids when applying mascara so you don't have to waste time redoing your eye shadow!

9. Heat up pencils with a lighter.

Wasting time trying to get that perfect liner? Heat up your pencils with a lighter for a few seconds to get a smoother application. CAUTION: WAIT before using pencil after heating. Your eyelids are VERY sensitive, and you do not want to burn them. Check that the pencil is not too hot before using.

10. Fix broken lipstick with a lighter.

Instead of replacing the lipstick that just broke, put it back together and use a lighter to melt it a bit so it is repaired. Use the fridge to set the lipstick for about 10 minutes, and you're good to go!

11. Use olive oil for healthy lashes.

Instead of using spendy treatments designed to "lengthen" lashes or layers of mascara, use an inexpensive item from your kitchen. Olive oil can be used on a recycled, clean mascara brush for healthier, stronger lashes in a month or two.

12. Heat up mascara in a cup of water.

If your mascara is running out but you don't have the time to deal with the dry tube or the money to buy a new one right now, stick your mascara tube in a cup of warm water. The mascara will be smoother and easier to apply!

These 12 makeup hacks help me save money and time between work and school. As the new quarter starts, use these hacks to save up for summer break!

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10 Questions About Women’s Beauty Products To Quiz Your Friends With

My brother’s perspective on my makeup and hair routine

I asked my twin brother to answer ten questions about makeup, hair, jewlery, and beauty terms to the best of his ability. This “social experiment”, persay, definitely sheds light on the true (limited) understanding that our male counterparts can have. Next time a brother, dad, boyfriend, husband, etc, gets annoyed by the amount of time you take getting ready in the bathroom, quiz them to see what they really know about our morning routines. Read to the end to see his total points of accuracy!!

1. What is a beauty blender?

“That thing you...um...put makeup on and off your face”

Feedback: I’ll give him this one, it’s impressive to be honest that he knew it is a makeup applicator at all. However, I got to dock him for saying you use it to take makeup off your face too, which isn’t true.

Score: 1/2 point

2. What do you use highlight for?

“Isn’t it for your eyes? On your, is it... eyelashes? Eyelids? I’m so confused”

Feedback: I laughed for a long time about this response. He was under the impression that you used highlight like mascara to accentuate your eyelashes When I explained to him that you use it on places like your cheek bone and nose he was just genuinkey confused.

Score: 0 points

3. What is concealer?

“Oh! I know this one from drama club! Don’t you use it to conceal blemishes or whatever?”

Feedback: ding ding ding! His acting background put him in a good position for this one.

Score: 1 point

4. What do you use powder for?

“To put it on your cheeks and make it colorful... right??”

Feedback: *face palm* When Luke, having acted before, mixed up blush and powder I was honestly suprised. I mean it’s used to make shiny skin more matte, so technically adds a little bit more of a tan color?

Score: 0 points

5. What is contouring?

“It’s like using different makeup to make your face complement the parts of each other”

Feedback: This really suprised me! He goes from saying “like” and “um” ten times a sentence to getting more accurate and technical. I asked this question almost hoping to get a comical answer but instead got a somewhat true statement.

Score: 1 point

6. What is a Brazilian blowout?

“When you make your hair get really big... I have no idea”

Feedback: It’s the opposite! A Brazilian Blowout is intended to make your hair shiny and sleek not make it bigger! Was he thinking of a perm??

Points: 0 points

7. What is the cat eye technique?

“Isn’t that when you make your eyelashes vibrant and like... curly?”

Feedback: He thought that mascara and eyeliner were the same thing! Oh dear just when things were turning him, my twin proves my assumptions right.

Points: 0 points

8. What’s the difference between barrel curls and ringlets?

“Aren’t barrel curls when it’s curled around in like a barrel form and ringlets are tons of little curls, like your whole head is all these little curls”

Feedback: I’ll have to give him two points for this one! The barrel curl explanantion is just a little bit iffy but taking a stab at it earns him courage points

Points: 2 points

9. Fill in the blank: “Maybe she’s ———— with it, maybe it’s ——————————.

“Maybe she’s made with it, maybe it’s

Feedback: Partial credit for this one, and a solid effort for remembering the harder half; the brand name.

Points: 1 point

10. If you had to chose one, what’s your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? And which one would you use to describe my personality?

“I think one of my favorites is like coconut or something?” “I guess Wild Madagascar Vanilla because on one side you’re sweet but on the other side you’re really adventurous and kind of crazy”

Feedback: I’ll give him partial credit for his first response and an automatic point for the second because thay cracked me up.

Points: 1 1/2

Well, Luke made a valiant effort and ended up with a total of seven points out of thirteen. As a percentage, this is a 53.9 %. Which is ultimately a failing grade. Give a guy in your life this quiz, add the points up and see if they pass! Either way, we always have the right to a long prep time 😉

Cover Image Credit: Every Pixel

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Improving Your Sleep Quality as a College Student

If you feel like you are having trouble getting enough sleep as a college student, there are things you can do to help you get in a full eig

 As a college student, you are probably very familiar with the kind of sleep you get … or don’t get. When you have homework, studying, work, and maybe even some socializing, sleep often gets put on the back burner. It seems like there is just no time for sleep during the semester. 

But even if you feel you don’t have time, you need to make time because sleep is important! You don’t just need sleep to function well throughout your day, you need it to stay healthy physically and mentally. 

If you feel like you are having trouble getting enough sleep as a college student, there are things you can do to help you get in a full eight hours — or at least more sleep than you are getting  now. 

Get Ahead on School Work

I know, getting ahead on studying and homework sounds like a laughable and impossible suggestion, but it can be done. One of the biggest stressors when it comes to college is the feeling of constantly being behind on school work, whether it’s because there is just too much or you are a seasoned procrastinator (like myself). 

While it will take a bit of willpower and focused dedication, you can get ahead on your school work! Try to take any spare time you have and dedicate it to doing some extra reading or finishing an assignment that’s not due until next week. It also helps to plan out your day and specify certain times for studying and working on homework. Once you are caught up and ahead of things, you will sleep better at night knowing there are no pending due dates looming. 

Eat Right and Exercise

More laughable suggestions to many college students. Who has time to make it to the gym when there are so many other things to be getting done or the money to eat well when you’ve got a college budget to live on? 

Fret not, there are ways to eat healthy on a budget while in college. Meal prepping and utilizing your school dining hall are great ways to work healthy food into your daily life while sticking to a tight budget. The healthier food is going to give your body the fuel it needs to focus in classes and on school work, and also give you the energy you need to get in a little exercise. That exercise is going to not only keep your body healthy and strong but also wear you out enough to help you fall asleep faster at night and sleep more soundly. 

Ban Electronics Before Bedtime

Another difficult suggestion, but it’s one of the best things you can do. The average college student these days has never lived in a time without electronics or the internet, and has had access to smart phones, social media, and endless entertainment all throughout their formative years. It’s hard to imagine shutting that all off, sometimes. But plenty of studies show that using your phone and other electronics before bed could be keeping you awake longer and hurting your sleep quality due to the type of light emitting from the screens. 

In order to fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep, it’s important to refrain from using electronics 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Many are used to playing on their phone and scrolling through social media until they finally conk out, but it’s better to put the phone away and rest your eyes. If you need something to occupy your mind until you fall asleep, try reading from your most boring textbook; you’ll get ahead in your studies and fall asleep faster. Win-win! 

You can get better and longer sleep despite being in college. It’ll take a little extra work and mindfulness, but it will be worth it in the end when your body and mind feel better. 

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