12 Life Hacks For Every FSU Student

The Florida State University is a confusing place. With over 40,000 students, it can be a bit overwhelming for students to find their place in the Seminole community and take advantage of all of the opportunities readily available. Now that I am older (but I will admit, not much wiser), I have learned to navigate around this beautiful Tallahassee campus and mastered a few tricks of the trade. Here are just some life hacks to make each and every Seminole’s day a little bit easier:

1. Strozier Library charges 10 cents for every page printed in the library, but there’s free printing in the SGA offices.

Yep, it's free. Just walk in there like you own the place and no one is going to bother you.

2. Brought some cold leftovers to campus but have no way to heat it up? Use one of the fair-use microwaves on campus.

There are microwaves in the Student Government offices in the Union, the Hispanic Student Union offices, the Pride offices, the Executive Branches offices, two in the Williams building (one in the Reading and Writing Center and another on the fourth floor in the “sun room”), and one in the POD by Chick-fil-A.

3. Instead of using Buzzfeed as your only source for hard-hitting journalism, enjoy a free digital subscription to The New York Times.

Just enter your FSU email address to have access to the best newspaper in the country (besides Odyssey) and be informed on current events.

4. Do more than Netflix & Chill with bae and go to the Askew Student Life Cinema for free films.

Here are all of the upcoming movies and events at the ASLC, and the list is constantly updated.

5. Need a list of all of the library hours on campus?

I got you.

6. Our school has a circus.

Like, a legit circus. Go to one of the many free FSU Flying High Circus performances before you graduate.

7. Go on Facebook and ‘Like’ Club Downunder/Union Productions so you can always see when they add new shows you might be interested in seeing.

The list of upcoming events can also be found on the website.

8. Just check out of the official Oglesby Union calendar of events if you ever want any clue of what’s going on.

I never realized how much goes on around campus until I saw this.

9. If you need to take out some fast cash on campus, there are ATM services for Bank of America, FSU Credit Union, Regions, and Wells Fargo.

You'll be happy you did it before getting to the bars.

10. On campus and wondering what time your favorite restaurant closes?

Check out this link to see what time all of the food services on campus are open. Also, scroll down to see the UPS hours.

11. Check out the Lost and Found in the Krentman Lounge in the Union if you can’t find it the last place you left it.

Know that every academic building on campus is required to have a Lost and Found, but anything not claimed within 30 days of being lost becomes the property of Florida State University (so much for Odyssey writer Caroline Oakley ever getting her Fitbit back).

12. And now, the most important advice for most FSU students: parking.

Parking at FSU is horrible, but only if you don’t know about the secret spots. FSU has a map of all locations students can park at, which can be tricky to read, but check out this other map that’s much easier to understand. All of the yellow and purple spots are fair game, and I can guarantee that one of these lots always has a spot. I won’t say which, mostly because I can’t have any readers taking my spot, but consider this map a clue to making it to your 11 a.m. class when you think all hope is lost.

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