Freshmen, When They Say College Changes You, They Ain't Kidding

Freshmen, When They Say College Changes You, They Ain't Kidding

When your 80 million relatives say you learn the most about life during college, they weren't kidding.

I've gotta tell you guys, college is definitely a crazy ride, and it was nothing like I thought it would be. I guess coming in, I was just expecting to go to classes, study, and hang out with friends. But you know, a lot more than this definitely happened. There've been some hard and painful lessons I've had to learn, but also some beautiful and amazing lessons. And some that are just very random and completely out of the blue. They've come in small packages, big packages, and everything in-between.

However, I wouldn't change a single thing because I've learned more about myself this school year than I ever have in my life. And hopefully, this can help you learn more about yourself, too.

1. Don't talk on the phone and ride your bike. It never works out. Ever.

So, funny story. I was riding on my bike back to my dorm, and I was talking on the phone to my friend about a concert we were going to soon (Imagine Dragons was amazing, as per usual). And let's keep in mind here that this is my limit for multitasking. So you know, we're chatting away and suddenly OUT OF NOWHERE is a guy from my class who I had a completely realistic crush on, and he said hi to me. I turned back to look at him because I was going pretty fast, and when I did that...

I ran straight into a metal fence and fell flat on my face. And accidentally hung up on my friend. And humiliated myself in front of a beautiful male specimen... still can't look that person in the eyes.

2. It's OK to take a mental health day for yourself.

If you feel stressed out to the point that it is affecting your ability to do well in your classes, take a day off. Watch some Netflix, play video games, sleep in for what feels like 50 years, etc. Just have a chilled out day! Then, you can actually plan out how to tackle the stress within you. I promise it makes it 50x easier.

But also, don't skip class every day. You'll be in deep sh*t if you do that. I give this a 0/10 and would not recommend it.

3. Find at least one person that you can rant to and trust.

Keeping your issues bottled up inside leads to about 9,139,183,038,423 more issues. Finding someone to talk them through with you takes the weight off of your shoulders, and it gives you some more peace. The company is nice, too!

4. Be upfront.

This really applies to anything. For instance:

1. If you missed a class, just tell the prof the truth. They've got wicked bullsh*t radars, so trying to lie about why you missed just isn't worth it.

2. If you have beef with someone, tell them. Just talk it out and settle the tension before it gets too extreme.

5. If you love somebody, tell them.

Telling someone that I love them is a really big deal for me. I'm not really one to verbally express how I feel, which makes it especially hard. But yet, loving someone is such a beautiful thing to be able to do because of how selfless and sacrificial it is. So I realized that me not telling someone that I love them, or did love them, is a pretty selfish thing for me to do. Putting your heart on the line isn't exactly the easiest process, and I totally get that. Love isn't meant to be easy or safe, though. Basically, if you love someone, they deserve to know. Even if it isn't reciprocated the way you want it to be, it's the best option in the end.

6. Having high standards is OK.

Whether that be for a significant other, yourself, academics, having high standards pushes you harder and makes you reach goals in your life that you never thought you could.

7. Failing a test isn't the end of the world.

Most classes have multiple opportunities for increasing your grade, and usually, tests aren't even the majority of your grade.

8. Do your laundry BEFORE the basket is full.

Otherwise, you have to do like 80 million loads at once and it's just not fun whatsoever.

9. Coffee saves lives.

You just need to trust me on this one. I like to believe that "coffee is our oyster."


Learn what makes you happy, sad, stressed, angry, peaceful, etc. You'll find a deeper appreciation for who you are, and you'll learn how to cope with all of life's unexpected events better.

11. Don't be hard on yourself.

Like I said in #6, it's OK to have high standards for yourself. However, don't beat yourself to a pulp if you don't achieve some of them. You're trying your best, and that's all that matters.

12. Be your TRUE self.

The right people will love your weird quirks and habits. Hiding them may even keep you from meeting the most amazing person in your life. To quote "Dear Evan Hansen," "Today, at least you're you, and that's enough." Don't ever forget that.

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