12 Lessons From "Hannah Montana"

12 Lessons From "Hannah Montana"

Hannah Montana was the best show with the best songs and life lessons that need to be learned by everyone.

"Hannah Montana" was one of the best shows on Disney channel. Every millennial and their parents watched "Hannah Montana," there was no getting around it. And still isn't away to get around it. People still go around everyday life singing and dancing to Hannah Montana. Just the other day I was with a group of people and they were singing and doing the dance moves to the bone dance nonstop. "Hannah Montana" had catchy songs and four seasons of episodes with great lessons that everyone needs to learn.

1. Nobody’s perfect

It's one of Hannah Montana’s best songs and one of the best lessons they teach throughout the whole series. Showing that everyone makes mistakes no matter who you are or how perfect you think you are, you still make mistakes like every other human being.

2. Lying get’s you no where

In many of the episodes, Miley lies about something hoping to get the outcome that she wants but all it does is backfire and her lie comes out. Lies only stay in the dark for a little while but sooner or later they find the light. And most of the time the lies hurt the person you're lying too.

3. Don’t judge people by the way they look

In one of the episodes Miley meets this guy at a restaurant and she thinks he's really cute but when he stands up she sees that he's really short and she gets less attracted to him then when he was sitting down. Even though he has a good heart and he's sweet and funny all she can think about it how short he is. People say it doesn't matter what's on the outside but what's on the inside, but what's on the outside is partly why you are attracted to that person. While that is true what's on the outside shouldn't be the whole reason you're with that person.

4. Friendships

Miley, Oliver, and Lily had the best friendship ever!!!

5. You have to work hard for your dreams

Throughout the whole series, Hannah Montana works really hard to get the movie parts she wants and to get her album done even when she ran into obstacles that she didn't think were going to happen. Even Oliver had to work hard to be able to go on tour but they never gave up on their dreams. It just comes to show that if you give it your all and work through the obstacles given you will accomplish your goal.

6. Don't change other people

This lesson can be taught in two ways; by changing the way people look or changing the way people act. When Hannah started dating Jake she wanted him to act like a normal person but he's been in the spotlight his whole life so when he was “normal” he was one of those people that think he's entitled to everything and Miley tried to change that but it didn't work out so well. You can't change a person that doesn't want to change and you also can't change a person that has acted or looked a certain way their whole life. Let them be themselves and love them because they are themselves.

7. Don't break promises

In the final season of "Hannah Montana," Miley and her father try to make time to have father-daughter time but Miley keeps bailing and she keeps promising that they will spend time together the next day but it never happens. In this episode, it shows the hurt that her father goes through every time she breaks her promise and it shows how he gives up because he starts to believe that it's never going to happen. Breaking promises goes a long way, that person might never take your promises seriously and might never believe a word you say because you have broken too many promises.

8. You can't do everything

Sometimes we feel like we're running out of time to do the things we want to do, which leads us to pack so many things in a day without leaving time out to breathe and relax. In one specific episode "Hannah Montana" schedules things back to back and barely gets any sleep for two days and at the end of the second day she crashes on national television and makes a total fool out of herself, telling people that the dog she is holding can talk. While you might feel like you don't have time for anything, you still need time to be able to breathe and relax.

9. Listen to your heart

Everyone knows this lesson, it had put everyone in a frenzy. Jesse or Jake?!

10. You can do anything you put your mind too

This was the biggest lesson in "Hannah Montana" history, it was literally in every episode. A regular high school student; Miley Stewart and a huge superstar; Hannah Montana. She wanted both of the lifestyles and she made it happen, and the only people that knew that she was Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart were her close friends and her family. This lesson was even in her song “Best of Both Worlds” in the lyrics: “Who would've thought that a girl like me could double as a superstar.”

11. Everyone has their ugly moments

After Miley tells the world that she is Hannah Montana the press is everywhere taking pictures of her, she's on the front page of every newspaper and magazine and some of the pictures aren't the best pictures ever. It just goes to say that everyone has their ugly moments, everyone has a moment in their day that they don't look their best or has the best attitude, but it's fine not too.

12. The Bone Dance

In one episode, Miley talks about how she is going to fail her biology test and her dad makes her study but she has a really hard time doing that. So she studies the best way she knows how by writing a song and making a dance to it about the bones in our body. Everyone that has seen this episode knows the song and the dance by heart, it's so catchy and it helps when you have to do your biology test on bones. It also teaches you that you can study any way that works for you.

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8 Things That I Will Always Miss From My Childhood

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