12 Kylo Ren Memes We Understood As Adolescents
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12 Kylo Ren Memes We Understood As Adolescents

Kylo Ren is everyone's teenage self.

12 Kylo Ren Memes We Understood As Adolescents

Anyone who saw the Force Awakens knows that Kylo Ren is the whiniest descendant of Anakin Skywalker so far. Almost everyone I know hates him, but out of all the new characters, the Kylo Ren memes are frankly the most relatable. Kylo Ren is all of us during our middle school/high school emo phases.

1. When he described how all of us write poetry: Coming up with the first line and then finally deciding to go with free verse because we didn't know what to write.

2. When we applied makeup as teens. Dark eyeliner, dark mascaras, and our parents never really understood why.

3. Dying our hair for the first time, and not always remembering that we needed to redye it. And the embarrassing moment when a friend pointed it out.

4. When you didn't watch the same movie as all your friends, and tried to pretend you knew the plot.

5. When our parents made these jokes during our adolescence, and it almost pushed us to the dark side.

6. The fact that we all used to (and probably still do) relate to one of these Kylo Rens.

7. When we made these posts for the Hunger Games, Star Wars, Harry Potter and every other fandom imaginable.

8. How we felt when we were sorted into the wrong house on Pottermore.

9. When someone mentioned our favorite celebrity or band, and we just started fangirling.

10. And we all had these on our iPods

11. When you made your parents and siblings go into Hot Topic with you.

12. Looking back on this now that we know it actually WAS a phase

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