12 Helpful Makeup Tips for Beginners.

12 Helpful Makeup Tips for Beginners.

Because sometimes those pinterest hacks just don't work.

I like to spend a lot of my free time checking out media related to beauty/makeup. This is due to the fact that I have started putting my 100% into applying makeup and it has now become sort of a hobby for me. When I want to wear makeup for the day, I can never just step out of the house with eye liner, mascara and nothing else on my face. I have to take out a chunk of that day to spend it on my makeup. Not to say that that's a bad thing though because doing this allows me to clear my mind while also making me look/feel more self confident.

What I try to do with this new hobby of mine is not wear the exact same look multiple times and I like trying new tricks out to make my makeup application and just all around look, easier to apply and look more professional, as opposed to being done by a college girl who just slapped all of this on in her bathroom. Now the internet is full of "tips" that supposedly can help you with your makeup process and I have of course fallen for them only to realize there are a few that are complete lies, I'm looking at you spoon eye shadow trick!

Granted I am no real "connoisseur" of makeup but I have been playing around with it since 6th grade, so I like to think I can give some advice on the stuff that will actually help.

(My face for proof of makeup application skills)

1. Eye shadow first and then foundation

I didn't ever think about actually trying out this trick until this year, and now I love this idea! Not only did it cut down time but it also helped prevent any irritating eye shadow flakes ending up on perfectly done foundation.

2. This chart on how to get a perfect foundation application (some steps are optional).

3. Use a lip scrub to prep your lips for any lipstick.

I don't think I really have dry lips but for some reason applying lipstick really brings out the dryness in them. After receiving a lip scrub in my Ipsy bag, and once I discovered how to actually use it, I can't put lipstick on without promptly applying the stuff first to get an awesome matte?(I think that's the word) lip look.

4. Q-Tips they're not just for your ears!

We all have that one eye we suck at applying liner to. For me it's my left one. This can get pretty frustrating especially when working on winged eyeliner. My best tip is to get a Q-Tip and apply a small amount of any lotion on it. Then you use the Q-tip to clean up your mistake and even out your eyeliner. Make sure to apply foundation back on the spot you just fixed up afterwords .

5. Concealer+Foundation+Concealer=Bye Bye Zits

My skin is very oily which leads to some bad zits every now and then. The trick I've discovered to mostly hide them from the outside world is to first apply your primer, then dab concealer on those nasty spots, pat them in with a foundation brush (I like to sing while I'm doing it and go pat pat pat pat like they did on Little Einsteins), apply liquid foundation, repeat steps 2 and 3, and voila they are gone.

6. Give those lashes a second coat.

To get big doll like lashes the first thing I do is kind of tease my eyelashes, like you do with your hair. This is done by taking the mascara and coating it along the top of my eyelashes kind of flattening them. Give them a moment to dry, I usually spend this time by applying my lipstick. After that apply the mascara like you usually would and suddenly they are looking fuller and curlier. Also make sure to put mascara on your lower lashes just so your eyes don't look naked.

7. Highlight your brows

As a girl with some thick brows (thanks dad) my ultimate goal in life is to have them as well done as Lily Collins's one day.

This will be highly unlikely of ever happening but I can do my best with them by filling them in and then highlighting them to accentuate their shape. I'm not really sure how it works but some how applying highlighter around them just makes them look a little bit cleaner and defined. My favorite highlighter to use for this technique is from E.L.F which is a dual liquid concealer and highlighter.

8. Apply in good lighting.

Around 8th grade I remember playing around with makeup in my bedroom with no lights on and just using natural sunlight....this was a mistake. My advice, the bathroom is usually the best place to do your makeup because for some reason the light in there always seems the brightest, or invest in a mirror that has lights attached to it. This will allow you to put your makeup on and kind of let you see what it looks like in different kinds of settings.

9. Bring back up supplies if you're going out.

What does mother nature have against makeup? Inevitably all makeup seems to melt as the day goes on, and sometimes it's not a pretty sight. Yes there is setting spray but it can't always help! Bring backup supplies if you are going out anywhere so you can do quick touch ups if needed.

10. Don't be afraid of the cheap stuff

I'm not saying the expensive stuff isn't great. I mean, I love it! Heck I own so many high quality eye shadow palettes that put together they could probably pay for a ticket to Disneyland. However, I also have a wallet and a bank account so I'm not going to spend all of my money on the good stuff. Personally I think more people should buy makeup you can find at a grocery store or Target because when you find something really good, it's like God's little favor to you for being awesome. Not to mention (whispers) some even work better than the high end stuff. My personal favorites are:

*NYX (Their liquid lipsticks are my favorites, and they smell like cake!)




11. This video on tips to take a good selfie.

This taught me everything I know about taking a good selfie.

12. Looking for makeup inspirations? Go to youtube and find someone who has done some looks you want to try out.

My new favorite is Jackie Wyers who does a great compilation of looks I want to do someday, with tutorials on copycat looks from famous films and celebrity looks. She also does a great combo of glam makeup while making look like it's not too much makeup.

Cover Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar

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