12 Grammatical Errors Most People Mix Up

There is never a day that goes by that I do not see a grammatical error, or hear something that is grammatically incorrect. Here are 12 grammatical mistakes that everyone has gotten mixed up at least once in their life, and how to correctly use them.

1. Your or You're

Your = possession

You're = you are

Incorrect: Your cool. (You do not own cool.)

Correct: You're a cool person.

2. There, Their, or They're

There = a place

Their = possession

They're = they are

Incorrect: That is there house.

Correct: Her house is over there.

Incorrect: Their coming over.

Correct: That is their house.

3. To, Too, or Two

To = indicates movement or an action

Too = in addition

Two = the number 2

Incorrect: Let's go two the mall.

Correct: We are going to the mall.

Incorrect: Those too kids are strange.

Correct: She has two kids.

Incorrect: Are you coming, to?

Correct: She is coming, too.

4. Who or Whom

Who = refers to the subject

Whom = refers to the object

The trick to using who or whom is to replace them with he and she, and him and her.

If you can replace it with he or she, you use who.

If you can replace it with him or her, you use whom.

Incorrect: Whom is coming with us?

Correct: Who is coming with us? (You can replace who with he or she, so who is correct.)

Incorrect: Who will I invite?

Correct: Whom will I invite? (I will invite her or him, who whom is correct.)

5. Affect or Effect

Affect = action

Effect = end result

Incorrect: The affect of not sleeping is harmful.

Correct: The effect of not sleeping is harmful.

Incorrect: The snow storm effected families.

Correct: The snow storm affected families.

6. Its or It's

Its = possession

It's = it is

Incorrect: Its okay.

Correct: It's okay.

Incorrect: It's collar is yellow.

Correct: Its collar is yellow.

7. Could/ Should/ Would Of

Incorrect: You could of left.

Correct: You could have painted a portrait.

8. Fewer or Less

Use fewer when referring to countable nouns.

Use less when referring to uncountable nouns.

Incorrect: He drank fewer water than he should have.

Correct: He drank less water than he should have.

Incorrect: Less people came to the party than usual.

Correct: Fewer people came to the party.

9. Then or Than

Then = indicates time

Than = comparison

Incorrect: You were cuter back than.

Correct: You were cuter back then.

Incorrect: This is greater then that.

Correct: This is greater than that.

10. Farther or Further

Farther = physical distance

Further = figurative distance

Incorrect: He is trying to farther his music career.

Correct: He is trying to further his music career.

Incorrect: She walked further than you did.

Correct: She walked farther than you did.

11. I seen

I seen is grammatically incorrect.

You can say I saw or I have seen, but you never say I seen.

12. Irregardless

Irregardless is not a word, but regardless is.

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