12 Gemstones Every College Students Needs In Their Life
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12 Gemstones Every College Students Needs In Their Life

Stressed? Depressed? There's a gemstone for that.

12 Gemstones Every College Students Needs In Their Life
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1. Black obsidian

Chakra: Third eye

Properties: Protection, purification, and grounding

Black obsidian provides strong protection of the mind, shielding you from negativity. Whenever you hit a nasty slump, keep this stone around to assist your mental state.

2. Onyx

Chakra: Root

Properties: Focus, discipline, and self-mastery

If you find you have a hard time focusing, onyx is the perfect gemstone for you. This stone is considered a strengthener, and can also bring balance to the body and mind. If you’ve got a paper to write, or class gets too boring, carry a little onyx in your pocket.

3. Rose quartz

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Love, trust, and emotional healing

Rose quartz is known as a universal stone of love. Whether it’s self-love, friend love, romantic love; if it’s love, it’s rose quartz. If you’re looking to purify your connection, restore trust, or encourage love; then Rose quartz is the gemstone you need.

4. Amethyst

Chakra: Third eye

Properties: Protection, cleansing, and intuition

Amethyst is a powerful protection stone that channels loving energy in order to guard against stress, ease irritability, and banish anger and anxiety. As these emotions are common in just about every college student, perhaps everyone should have a bit of amethyst.

5. Howlite

Chakra: Crown

Properties: Calming, sleeping

While the typical college student’s struggle is staying awake, many also have trouble falling asleep. Howlite also floods the body with good-feeling energy to improve emotional attitude, as well as attitude in general. Howlite also assists those who procrastinate, just don’t wait too long to get some for yourself.

6. Blue lace agate

Chakra: Throat

Properties: Comfort, relaxation

While blue lace agate is a stone of relaxation, it really comes into play in situations of communication. This stone allows those who utilize it to better converse and get across ideas in environments where you might not typically be heard. Blue lace agate dispels past feelings of doubt and encourages growth within those who use it.

7. Carnelian

Chakra: Sacral

Properties: Vitality and confidence

Carnelian is a stone of courage, motivation, and endurance. If you’re presenting in class, carnelian can help you break out of your timid shell. Carnelian also aids those who often do physical exercise along with its abilities to lend a bit of courage.

8. Tiger’s eye

Chakra: Solar plexus

Properties: Balance, vitality, and strength of will

Tiger’s eye is a protector from bad omens and makes you feel good about yourself. Tiger’s eye decreases depression and increases happiness, something all college students could use a bit more. This stone strengthens the will of those who use it and inspires creativity.

9. Snowflake obsidian

Chakra: Root

Properties: Persistence and overcoming difficulties

Snowflake obsidian provides balance and also has a tendency to bring things to the surface, such as love, anger, and secrets. This stone encourages clear and logical thinking and protects from negativity and grief.

10. Malachite

Chakra: Solar plexus

Properties: Protection, leadership, and confidence

As a protection stone, malachite absorbs negative energy and pollutants. It encourages risk-taking and change, and helps users take responsibilities for their own actions, feelings, and thoughts. With malachite, you’re able to release negative experiences, stimulate dreams, balance mood swings, and relieve cramps. You can’t go wrong with malachite.

11. Black tourmaline

Chakra: Root

Properties: Protection

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone that provides protection from negative energy, and stabilizes emotions. Creativity is awoken within those who keep black tourmaline on hand, and an increased sense of well-being is manifested.

12. Amazonite

Chakra: Throat

Properties: Truth, harmony, and peace

Clear your mind of negativity with amazonite! This gemstone channels loving energy and blasts through blocks from pain you’ve experienced and allows you to restore your spirit. Amazonite also allows you to communicate without letting your emotions get the best of you, a skill many college students could use.

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