12 Cute Cleveland Dogs
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12 Cute Cleveland Dogs

Looks like our pups love exploring #cle just as much as we do!

12 Cute Cleveland Dogs

I never used to be a dog person, mainly just because my family didn't own a pup while I was growing up. And now, it's hard to believe that I was ever not a dog lover. My family adopted a puppy about two years ago and she has changed my perspective on dogs and my love for these amazing animals.

So let's take a look at 12 of the cutest dogs in Cleveland and explore their favorite spots of the city. What's your dog's favorite place in Cleveland?

1. Meet Bear

Bear, better known as Bear Baby, is a 2-year-old Jack-A-Bee and knows over 10 tricks including, "roll over", "play dead", "high five", and "up turn". Her favorite activity is hiking the many trails and creeks at the local Cleveland Metroparks, exploring Edgewater Park, and of course, going to Starbucks for pupachinos.

2. Meet Murphy

Murphy and Sullivan are black lab "brothers from another mother" who love adventuring Red Wagon Farm.

S and M had some fun down on the farm yesterday!🌽☀️ It was such a beautiful day for some hay bale and corn stalk exploring 😊☀️🌽 #dogsofcle #ohiodogs
A photo posted by Sullivan & Murphy (@adventuresofsandm) on

3. Meet Dewars

This adorable Mini Golden Doodle enjoyed watching the Cleveland Air Show a few weeks ago with his family. Did your dog attend the show?

Soarin high in the sky 🛩 #airshow #blueangels
A photo posted by Dewars (@dewars_thedoodle) on

4. Meet Stewart

Stewart is a Boxer Pit who was born, rescued, and being raised in Cleveland. Stewart went for a quick walk the other day because of the hot temperatures and was able to snap this great picture in Lakewood Park. Do you see Cleveland's skyline in the background?

A quick walk today since it's so hot outside !!! Look at CLE in the back!!! #lakewoodpark #dogsofcle #dogsofcleveland
A photo posted by Stewart the BoxerPit (@boxerpit_stu) on

5. Meet Dewars

Dewars is a Mini Golden Doodle who loves the Indians. Did you know that Progressive Field used to hold a PuppyPalooza event where fans can bring their dogs to the park to bark on the Tribe to win? Current dog-friendly games in the city are hosted every year at the Lake County Captains and Lake Erie Monsters. So tell your pup to keep their ears perked for a dog-friendly game to attend!

~Put me in coach, I'm ready to play~ ⚾️ #indians #letsgotribe
A photo posted by Dewars (@dewars_thedoodle) on

6. Meet Flora

Flora is a Frenchton spends time hanging in the green grass at Cleveland's renovated Public Square during the Warehouse District Yappy Hour.

Dog days ☀️🕶 #thisiscle #wdyappyhourcle @warehousedistrictcle
A photo posted by Flora The Frenchton! (@florathefrenchton) on

7. Meet Jax

Jax is a Doberman who loves playing fetch, sunbathing, or relaxing on Lake Eire.

The island life 🌞 #imonaboat #catawba #lakeerie #theland #ohiosummer
A photo posted by Jax Von Whitedheim (@jax.the.doberman) on Jul 8, 2016 at 4:16pm PDT

8. Meet Tommo

Tommo loves adventuring different hot spots around town. Has your pup checked out the famous Cleveland sign yet?

#tbt to adventuring around Edgewater ✌🏻️ #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofcle #dogsofohio #bordercollie #goldenretriever #rescuedog #CLEpets #edgewaterpark
A photo posted by Tommo (@tommothedog) on

9. Meet Moondog

Oh wait, you already know this pup.

Moondog is a loyal mascot to the Cavs and one of the cutest dogs of our city, no doubt!

#DogGoals. 💍 Happy #NationalDogDay, @cavsmoondog! 🐶🏆
A photo posted by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on

10. Meet Summit

Summit is a rescue that loves summer days and did lots of fun activities like attending Edgewater live on Thursdays, walking West 25th, visiting the Rocky River Nature Center (Cleveland Metroparks), swimming Lake Erie, and much, much more.

Summit letting us know she'll look epic and we snap the pic. #mutt #rescuedog #adoptdontshop
A photo posted by Keith P (@trailhopdog) on

11. Meet Griz

Griz enjoys eating dinner in Ohio City, especially off of Town Hall's doggie dinner menu!

Griz loved his doggie dinner from @townhallohc #pupsofcleveland
A photo posted by ekotting (@ekotting) on

12. Meet Bella

Bella, a Boxer/Rottweiler mix, attended the Cleveland Oktoberfest and had a blast! She was fostered and then adopted from the Cleveland APL by her owner and is celebrating her first birthday this October!

Looking for fun events to bring your dog to? Dog Life in CLE has an event calendar that's worth checking out!

Hanging out at Cleveland Oktoberfest 🍻 give me some beer please! @clevelandoktoberfest #doglifeincle #dogsofcle
A photo posted by Bella (@doglifeincle) on

What is your dog's favorite activity and go-to spot in Cleveland? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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