12 Homemade Costumes To Make You A DIY Expert
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12 Homemade Costumes To Make You A DIY Expert

Because sometimes the sexy costumes are not enough.

12 Homemade Costumes To Make You A DIY Expert
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Halloween is almost here, and that means we break out the costumes. This is the one time of the year where being in the most creative costume you can find is not only encouraged, but expected. Of course, us females seem to get put into a box at this time of year.

Walk into any Halloween store and you will see a sexy version of EVERYTHING. Now, I don't know about you, but I am a thick female. I definitely WILL NEVER fit into those tiny corsets to be a sexy vampire, a sexy zombie or a sexy ghost.

The prices for costumes are also crazy expensive. Even the sexy ones are pricey. I guess they think the less you wear, the more money you should spend? That's just ridiculous.

That's where the DIY experts come in. With a little imagination, you can pretty much come up with anything for way less. Don't think there is a little DIY in you?

Well, here are 12 costume ideas to bring out the DIYer in you.

1. The Solar System

The solar system print is very popular now. You can find any type of outfit with this print. Grab a dress or shirt and attach some painted foam balls or paper plates on the dress and voila! You are now the solar system. You will have people gravitating towards you the whole night!

2. A Unicorn

Unicorns are also in. This is such a fun and simple costume because there are so many variations to it. You could wear a unicorn onesie, rainbow tutu skirt with a plain t-shirt or an all-white outfit with a variety of different unicorn horns to choose from.

3. Voodoo Doll

This one is all about the makeup. Pick any dress you own, tights, black boots and some amazingly creepy makeup. Just use the stitch design all over your face, and dress to transform yourself into a human pincushion.

4. Marionette Doll

Again, this is all about the makeup. Pick a dress -- preferably a school-girl looking dress -- and use your makeup to create a wooden doll face effect. This also has the potential to be an awesome couples costume because your boyfriend can be the puppet master.

5. Bath Loofah

Now, this is a fun and surprisingly easy costume. Just take some tulle from the fabric store, bunch it all together and pin or sew it onto your outfit. You can choose a little dress, T-shirt and shorts or a tank top with leggings. This is great in a group of bath loofahs or with your best friend dressed as a bar of soap.

6. Flapper Girl

This costume is absolutely timeless. All you need is a black fringe dress that reveals your knees, fishnet stockings, black heels or flats, a unique headband and pearls. This look is very versatile and extravagant. Your makeup is a mix of dark lips, powdery cheeks and sleek eyebrows. Your hair can be a straight bob or bouncy curls. Make this look your own!

7. Anyone from "Orange is the New Black"

Grab your girls and become the cast of "Orange is the New Black." This costume is super simple because all you need is either an orange or tan jumpsuit. The more details you are willing to add, the better the costume.

8. A Jellyfish

This one is unique and easy to accomplish. For this one, you can wear whatever you want. The magic is in the umbrella. Grab a clear umbrella and attach twirly ribbon, glow sticks and clear stringed jewels.

9. 50 Shades of Grey

Be literal with the title "50 Shades of Grey" with this hilarious costume. Just attach a ton of paper paint samples in every shade of gray to a dress or shirt and tights. Go even farther with a pair of handcuffs.

10. Bubble Bath

This one is definitely going to make everyone laugh. Just wear either a white dress or white tights and a t-shirt and add some white balloons all over you. Include a shower cap and a rubber ducky headband to go a little extra. You will definitely be the cleanest costume around.

11. Paper Doll

This looks difficult, but it is actually pretty simple. Just take some foam board and cut out a dress shape. Then attach whatever fabric you want to the skirt. You will be a living paper doll. Add a paper clutch purse for a little something extra.

12. Pop art

Become an art piece coming to life this Halloween with this costume. This is totally unique and isn't that difficult. Just trace your features with a black eyeliner pencil, use bright makeup that really makes you pop and add in dots all over your face.

With these ideas in mind, you can pretty much say 'bye, Felicia' to those overpriced, sexy costumes.

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