12 weeks of summer spent wisely
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12 Things To Do During 12 Weeks Of Summer

Pet lots of animals... trust me. It's a good way to spend your time

12 Things To Do During 12 Weeks Of Summer

Congratulations you just survived 9 months of basically hell. There is so much to celebrate starting this summer! Be kind to yourself and others because 12 weeks will fly by! We will soon have no summer breaks with the approach of real-life - aka careers, families, etc. Every summer should top the one prior so here are twelve ways to make the most out of your well-deserved summer!

1. Get a job

Internships are good, but so is bartending or mowing lawns.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Summer is the ideal time to take advantage of fresh produce. Visit your local farmers market and learn new recipes!

Red and orange cherry tomatoes and other vegetables on a market stall
3. Move your body

Take a hike. Swim in the ocean. Or even just go to the park and swing!

Close-up of a woman floating on her back in azure water
4. Go on a road trip

Sometimes you just gotta get outta town. Now is the perfect time to do that because you won't be missing class and adverse weather conditions

A person sticking their feet out of a car window from the perspective of the rear view mirror
5. Read a book

...or two but just remember when you were a kid and could actually like read for fun. Try it this summer!

Woman with sunglasses holding book with a sunrise over ocean as the backdrop
6. Don't sit around and watch TV all day

That time is for when you want to procrastinate studying. Right now focus on real-time things happening. Kick TV to the curb.

Television with cord sitting on sidewalk outside of black building near stairs
7. Save money!

You'll thank me when it's November and you've called into work for three weeks straight because of tests and studying

8. Spend time with old friends

They're also back from school too so why not make the best of some nostalgic times

9. Pet lots of dogs!

Trust me on this one!

10. Try something new

Join a CrossFit group, or try drawing something each day!

11. Spend time with family

...because they love spending time with you!

Silhouettes of a family fishing by the Sea of Galilee and a man paddling in kayak
12. Take care of yourself

You are probably so hard on yourself for nine months out of the year with stress and sleep deprivation. Please be kind to yourself for 12 weeks.

Before you know it, it'll be school time again and back to studying and not sleeping, so take advantage. You deserve it.

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