119 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'
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119 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'

Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of.

119 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'

I remember the day I saw "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" for the first time: I was in kindergarten, and because of the half day we got for field day, my mom took me to go see it. It instantly became my favorite movie for the next three years because of my obsession with Hilary Duff. I bought it on VHS at Walmart that summer, and when I wore that out, I bought a second one at Limited Too.

Although society has outgrown VHS tapes and I have outgrown "Lizzie McGuire," my love for the movie still continues today. As I was scrolling through Facebook, someone had shared a video of “This is What Dreams Are Made Of” with the caption that it was 13 years old. It completely shocked and scared me that this movie I so vividly remember seeing with my mom was 13 years old…it’s a teenager. So, that Friday night before finals, I forced whoever was with me to watch this movie that pretty much defined my childhood.

1. How old is Matt McGuire? I'm 19 and my skill set is nowhere near this level

2. I feel like at this point, Lizzie should know her little brother isn't just playing with a toy car

3. 13 years late and "The Tide is High" is still my jam

4. I have never had a jam session whilst trying on my entire wardrobe

5. These are some pretty cool opening credits

6. Lizzie McGuire never fails to remind us how much progress we've made in terms of technology, fashion and culture in the past decade

7. Blue mascara?

8. I definitely did not look like that at 14...I looked more like this:

9. I also did not wear a cap and gown to my 8th grade graduation

10. Miranda missing her 8th grade graduation? Suspicious

11. "Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!"

12. Even though I'm definitely #TeamLizzie, being an Outfit Rememberer isn't that bad...it shows you're observant

13. Spoiler alert: Margaret Chan started the Ebola outbreak

14. Ethan Craft is bae

15. This graduation speech is painful

16. I too would hide under the graduation curtain after that spectacle

17. Lizzie says she has to get out of the country, but isn't she going with all of these same people who saw her ruin graduation?

18. Sending videos into Good Morning America back in the day is just like uploading a video to Youtube now and hoping it goes viral

19. Matt McGuire IS a creep

20. Ms. Ungermire is the most underrated character

21. Gordo is the most annoying character

22. "Sneaky brown noser with a hidden agenda"

23. I cry too when I say bye to my mom, it's okay Lizzie

24. Definitely tearing up at this scene

25. I also think of Italy as the land where they invented spaghetti

26. I don't get how Gordo and Lizzie made this plane ride so fun

27. Low key want to go to Rome now

28. Kate Sanders looks like a mom. At age 14.

29. I really want to know where Kate Sanders is now

30. No offense, but this trip is not their opportunity to start over as they've gone to school with these people their entire lives

31. Those tinted glasses on Paolo>>

32. This is really creepy since Lizzie McGuire is supposed to be 14

33. I want to get Paolo an eyebrow brush

34. Low key thought Lizzie McGuire and Isabella were played by two different people

35. "Cool cheese"

36. Where can I buy a Paolo and Isabella CD?

37. Gordo's noticing Lizzie's scented soap <<<<<<

38. Lizzie's outfits could not possibly be comfortable

39. It is my dream to drive around Rome in a vespa with an Italian poster

40. I love how all of the early 2000's movies featuring a teenage girl going to a European country to "find herself" have a scene showing the famous landmarks

41. Matt is whipped by Melina

42. Tbt to when he was on Cory and the House


43. The scene where they see Ms. Ungermire gives me an incredible amount of anxiety

44. Shoutout to Paolo's sad face

45. I feel Paolo is the off-brand Fez

46. Gordo is basically the voice of reason of this whole movie

47. Ethan Craft just gets it

48. "Why Not" is also still my jam

49. Lizzie looks like she just walked out of Free People

50. It's always time for spaghetti

51. These Italian girls are savage towards Gordo

52. What I want to know does Lizzie ever realize she's on a cover of a magazine?

53. Does Ms. Ungermire see said magazine?

54. How are all of these Italian people just going with he fact that's Isabella? If it were Isabella, wouldn't she be speaking English with an Italian accent?

55. Also, her hair is not Blonde from the sun?! That's not even Hilary Duff's real hair color!!!

56. Those clothes <<<><<><><

57. Thinking of changing my Insta bio to "Goodbye Lizzie McGuire, hello fabulous"

58. The scene where Lizzie is trying to sneak back into the hotel is legitimately giving me anxiety

59. So much chemistry between Sergei and M. Ungermire

60. Blowdryer on the forehead to try to make it seem like you have a fever? Genius.

61. "Your eyebrows finally match" #savage

62. "Embrace it. Fear it."

63. Oh ya Lizzie did find out about the magazine

64. Where is Larry Tudgeman on this trip?

65. Paolo's car is actually the coolest thing ever

66. How are the McGuire's believing that Matt misses his sister?

67. Also why is that making them take a 14-hour flight to Italy to see her? It's a 2 week trip

68. Poor Gordo

69. This will sound geeky, but the score of this movie is actually beautiful

70. This Italian scenery is beautiful

71. Does Lizzie McGuire have a stutter?

72. What island are they always referring to?

73. It kind of blows my mind that the guy who plays Paolo was on Pretty Little Liars

74.The scene where they look at the fireworks makes me cry

75. The tears are coming

76. I'm actually crying


78. Gordon is the perfect example of friend zoned

79. "So much Roma so little timea"

80. Who knew Ethan Craft was so prolific?

81. Paolo's arms >>

82. I low key loved the slower version of "What Dreams are Made Of"

83. How does Lizzie not realize Gordo is in love with her?

84. Why is Gordo shorter than everyone?

85. I like nice Kate Sanders

86. Isabella's snake print boots>>

87. I wish I had an animated person who said my inner-thoughts

88. Why does Ms. Ungermire have a flower in her hair?

89. "The cobblestones are shredding up my wheels"-Ethan Craft

90. Sam McGuire is actually quite the DILF

91. Does Ms. Ungermire have the authority to throw Ethan's skateboard out the window?


93. I actually really liked Lizzie's outfit she wore on the red carpet

94. "You shine like the light from the sun" could just make my heart melt


96. This scene is the reason why I didn't think Lizzie and Isabella were both played by Hilary Duff

97. Hilary Duff's fake Italian accent <<<<

98. Isabella's eyeliner <<<<<

99. I feel bad for the audio guy. How does he not realize that's the real Isabella is talking to him?

100. I want to know if the guy playing Paolo actually has a bad voice?

101. This Italian audience is savage

102. I like how the guy playing Paolo loses his Italian accent

103. The duet between Isabella and Lizzie is throwing me off

104. I like how Hilary Duff's voice is switching between her real voice and someone else's

105. I like the shoulder dance, background dancer

106. #UngermyerandSergeiForever

107. How can Lizzie go back to a pumpkin after doing this?

108. Did they use someone else's voice because Hilary Duff couldn't belt it out?

109. Are Kate and Ethan drinking wine?¿

110. Ethan Craft's spaghetti looks bomb

111. Why are the McGuire's grounding Lizzie for this?

112. Sergei + Ms. Ungermire = <3

113. Finally, Matt McGuire gets told off

114. Lizzie looks taller than Gordo in the elevator

115. Low key there is not a character that pisses me off more than Matt

116. It never will be the same when Lizzie gets back, Gordo!!!!!!!

117. The kiss between Gordo and Lizzie makes me feel super uncomfortable

118. Low key still want to cry though

119. And now, I'm actually crying because it's over

Even though I'm 19 years old and I'm WAY too old to be saying this, Lizzie McGuire will always be my favorite.

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