11 Youtubers You Need To Subscribe To

Whenever I'm on my computer, no matter what I am doing, I somehow always end up on Youtube for hours. Television shows are great and all, but sometimes you just want to watch something that's short and gets to the point. That's what is so nice about Youtube. There is so much to watch, videos are predominately short and it's free! Thousands of people upload videos to Youtube and many of them upload their videos for a living and become what we call youtubers.

Youtubers are the celebrities of the internet world. From beauty gurus, gamers, singers, people lighting things on fire, and people just talking about their daily lives, there is an unlimited amount of videos you can watch on this platform. Whether it be at 3 in the morning watching conspiracy theory videos or 3 in the afternoon watching videos on how to do my makeup, Youtube is the go-to for everything.

In order to help you all out so you don't spend hours searching on Youtube like me, here is a short list of youtubers you need to subscribe to.

1. Shane Dawson

Shane is a Youtube celebrity who makes any and every kind of video. Whether it be a skit or a video of him eating, they are all great! My favorites are his conspiracy theory videos.

2. Trisha Paytas

Trisha lays her whole life out for the world to see and it is so entertaining. She's dated many celebrities and she isn't afraid to tell (She lost her virginity to Viper from "Full House"!) My favorites are her Mukbang eating videos!

3. DashieGames/DashieXP

I know what you're thinking. Why is a girl writing about a gamer? Everyday, I come home and watch Dashie. He usually sucks at most games, but that makes it even more entertaining! My favorites are his scary game videos!

4. Sarah Baska

I was a big Sarah Baska fan when she was a hit viner and continued to follow her when she switched to Youtube. My favorites are any video with her best friend, Ashlynn!

5. Jenna Marbles

Everyone knows Jenna Marbles, so of course she had to be included. Every video she makes automatically puts you in a good mood. My favorites are any video that involves her dogs!

6. Tana Mongeau

Tana is an 18 year old girl who has had the worst luck (like dealing with a stalker since 2nd grade). Her videos consist of mainly story-time videos of bad things happening to her. My favorites are her story-times where she talks about the bad things she did in high school!

7. MyHarto

Hannah is most notably famous for her series, "My Drunk Kitchen" which is absolutely hysterical. My favorite video would have to be her drunk kitchen collaboration with Seth Rogen!

8. Grav3yardgirl

Grav3yardgirl, aka Bunny, does so many different kinds of videos whether it be make-up tutorials or just plain goofy videos. She has her own make-up line with Tarte Cosmetics! My favorites are her videos from her "Does This Thing Really Work?" series where she tests "As Seen On TV" products!

9. Ayydubs

Ayydubs or Alyx is a youtuber who does many pranking videos, including messing with her Uber clients. My favorites are her videos where she films her first dates with people she meets on Tinder!

10. The Psychic Twins

The Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry, are famously known for predicting 9/11 and other major events throughout the past twenty years. Now, they are sharing their gift on Youtube! My favorites are their celebrity conspiracy videos!

11. What's Inside?

This youtube channel is run by a father and son, Lincoln and Dan, who cut open just about anything and it is so interesting. My favorite video is when they cut open a rattlesnake's rattle or the bowling ball above!

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