It may not have concertos written for it. It may not be taught in schools or be exceedingly difficult to play. The ukulele is truly an under appreciated instrument. Yes, it is tiny, adorable and sounds "happy." It also just happens to be a great musical platform for real musicians as well. Thank you, Hawaii! So, don’t discredit the little guy for being "cute." In fact, forget just how cute the ukulele is, and stare in awe at its 11 facts of mind-boggling musical prowess. You may even be compelled to fool around with one yourself.

1. It's extremely portable.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but carrying around a bulky instrument is. Easily packed for camping or a school trip, it's like taking live music with you everywhere you go.

2. I do mean everywhere.

Yes, there are water resistant versions of the ukulele like the Makala Waterman. Complete the ultimate beachside sing-a-long on a paddleboard if you wish.

3. A very manageable wish.

Although some may find 'musical instrument' synonymous with 'expensive', it's not always the case. I'd say a beginner could be happy with a uke in the $60-$80 range for a good while.

4. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." –da Vinci.

Four strings for four available fingers, it just makes sense. Leonardo definitely has a point. The ukulele may be a simple instrument, but it is also a respectable one.

5. High learnability factor.

I may have made that qualification up myself, but I find it to be oh-so-true. Uke, chord chart, Internet and you are ready to go!

6. It's a social instrument.

At it's reduced size, the ukulele gets a 10/10 for campfire jam friendliness. Grab a log and sing along!

7. It makes people happy.

Something about those strings makes the ukulele spread smiles all around.

8. There is nothing more entertaining then a ukulele virtuoso.

It may not be the first instrument that comes to mind, but a view of Jake Shimabukuro's cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" will change that forever.

9. A plethora of musical pieces to play.

Green Day, Elvis, Disney favorites and more, there is a video or tab to teach you whatever style you like.

10. It only takes three chords to be awesome.

The road to virtuoso is a long one with any instrument, but the road to jammin' doesn't have to be. Many beloved songs are only three simple chords.

11. Hybrid ukes are amazing.

Featured types include the guitalele, a.k.a., guitar hybrid; the banjolele, a.k.a., banjo hybrid; a harp ukulele; and the violele or ukulin, a violin hybrid. These are great ways to change up your sound without having to learn an entirely different instrument. The banjolele, a personal favorite, provides the timbre and amplification of a banjo all while playing uke chords. To all the non-music nerds, that's very intriguing to the rest of us.

Of course there are many more reasons why the ukulele is wonderful. Ask anyone who has already fallen in love with it and they will be sure to give you a few more. Whether you buy or borrow, it just might convert you to a uke-lover too.