11 Things That WKU Students Won't Miss Over Summer
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Student Life

11 Things That WKU Students Won't Miss Over Summer

The walk to Cherry never gets easier.

11 Things That WKU Students Won't Miss Over Summer

The last week of classes is upon us, and with that comes the last couple of weeks that many of us will spend living on the Hill. While most aspects of college life definitely beat out hometown life, there are a few things that definitely won't be missed by WKU students. Here's 11 things that WKU students won't miss once they make the pilgrimage from the Beeg to their scattered hometowns.

1. Walking from anywhere to Cherry Hall

No matter the temperature, the walk to Cherry will have you sweating bullets no matter what. Oh, you wanted to wear make-up to your English class? Sorry, now your face is an oily, sweaty mess courtesy of the damned walk up the hill.

2. It's 8 pm and you want Starbucks? Sorry not sorry

You need a pick me up before your 8:30 club meeting in DSU? Well hopefully you got there early, because the only Starbs on campus closes at 8 pm during the week. Better get yourself a coffee pot, unless you want to trek up to Java City whenever your caffeine dependence strikes.

3. Fresh

As a freshie, you probably looked in wonder at the huge, all you can eat cafeteria. "An ice cream and Belgian waffle maker? It's too good to be true!" Well, yes it is because 9/10 Fresh is disgusting and disappointing. And it closes at 8, so goodbye late night ice cream dreams.

4. Communal bathrooms

This is something you NEVER get used to. Flip flops in the shower and having no privacy? Yeah, no thanks. The only plus side is the bathroom gets cleaned daily, unless you live suite style. Which brings me to....

5. Cleaning and stocking your own bathroom

Yeah, living in a suite is nice except for one thing: taking care of the bathroom yourself. No longer is there a seemingly unlimited supply of toilet paper, and it's not cleaned daily. I almost cry every time I go home to toilet paper on the roll and a clean (er) bathroom that my mom still cleans for me.

6. Fighting for a decent parking spot

Parking is a literal nightmare on the Hill. Oh, you don't have a premium pass? May the odds be ever in your favor. Hope you like circling Normal lot, at least until you finally give up and head to Creason, sadly.

7. Being SOL if you want food on campus after midnight

If you live at the bottom of the Hill with the midnight munchies, life sucks. Tower food court is closed, so you're forced to make the trek to DSU. But don't get too excited, because Redzone isn't open late anymore and Chick-fil-A is closed. Hope you like Steak n Shake or Papa Johns...

8. A certain someone that enjoys yelling on their phone in Mass Media....while you're trying to study

Everyone knows who I'm talking about.

9. Being charged extra for sweet tea

With the exception of Redzone, sweet tea is an up charge. This is especially upsetting at Chick-fil-A. WKU, you're in the South. Sweet tea is like water in the South. Get with it, and stop charging me extra.

10. The roundabout

No matter how many times I drive around it, the unnecessary roundabout scares the crap out of me every. single. time. Add that in with people that don't know how to use it, and it makes for a pretty terrible experience.

11. The train

If you live in the Valley, you really know the struggle. The train, which I swear is louder than most, has a knack of coming in the middle of the night, waking you up, and making you cry about the amount of sleep you've lost because of it.

Although there are plenty of things that make Toppers grateful to be going home, there are a million other things that make the Hill nearly impossible to leave. Here's to three months of starting to miss all these things, until we head back in August and the love/hate cycle starts all over again.

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