11 Things USF Students Should Take Advantage Of

11 Things USF Students Should Take Advantage Of

Why not use some of the services you're paying for?

At and around USF, there are plenty of deals and services that are available to help students and make student life more affordable. Not too many students are aware of these services, or have heard of them, but never looked into them. Here are a list of services available to USF students.

1. Motorist Assistance

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., and Friday's 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., the Motorist Assistance Program is available for students and guests to jump start your car. You may call the Tampa campus at (813) 964-8040 during these hours, except on holidays.

2. 24-hour Counseling Services

The USF Counseling Center is more than just an on-campus resource, if you call their phone number at (813) 974-5756, you will be able to speak with someone no matter what time or day it is.

3. Feed-A-Bull

USF's Feed-A-Bull program seeks to ensure that all USF Tampa students are able to get groceries they need without having to choose between school and necessity. Feed-A-Bull relies on donation, and you are able to donate on their website monetarily or bring them to their on campus location at SVC 2058.

4. Registered Dietitians

If you've been looking to make some changes in your diet, the Wellness Center in the Marshall Student Center offers students the chance to receive an accurate body composition analysis in a timely manner and review results with a registered dietitian.

5. N.I.T.E.

Necessary Improvements to Transform the Environment (N.I.T.E.), performs a bi-annual campus safety walk to point out weak spots on campus that may not be safe at night. They strive to make campus a safer place and seek areas of improvement in lighting, sidewalk access and blue light poles.

6. HBO GO, MAX GO and Philo

If you live on campus and miss having a TV that isn't shared by the rest of your floor, you can watch live TV with Philo and record up to 20 hours worth of shows and movies. You also have access to HBO GO and MAX GO for movies, all available by logging in with your USF NetID.

7. USF Recreation

USF indoor and outdoor recreation holds many events for USF students—costs vary depending on the event duration and distance. Classes offered at the recreation center include total body conditioning, strictly strength, cycling and yoga. They also host trips for students and non-students, with students receiving discounted rates. These trips are a great way to stay active and meet new people. Some events offered are canoeing in the Suwanee River, ACA certifications and yoga outside.


The Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) are a group that work with students who are seeking help or who display concerning behaviors. They provide case managers for students who are struggling. If you feel that someone you know may be in need of assistance, you can contact SOCAT through their website.

9. The Writing Studio

Located on the second floor of the library, the Writing Studio offers students the opportunity to have their papers proofread and ensure that students are able to strengthen their writing skills through thorough discussion and analysis of their work before it needs to be submitted.

10. BullSync

BullSync is a website that allows student organizations, sports clubs, student services and student events to connect with students. It informs students of upcoming events and service opportunities while connecting students to organizations that fit their liking.

11. Dining Hall Contact

It's no secret that many people have encountered issues in the dining hall, whether it be with the food served or the workers within the dining hall. It's okay to feel nervous about speaking to a manager or worker who is "higher-up," which is why Dining Services has a website that allows you to contact their office over the phone or by leaving an online comment form. If you choose to have your form replied to, it will be replied to within a few days.

Cover Image Credit: Bulls Campus

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What I Have And Will Continue To Learn From Working With Kids

I always say that I will learn more from my students than they will from me, and I cannot wait to start that journey.


I have loved kids ever since I can remember.

I was an only child up until I was 5 years old. Those years were great, but I spent a good amount of them laying on the floor, crying and begging my parents for another sibling.

Soon my sister came, then another sister and then my brother.

I loved them so much and wanted to do nothing but care for them.

My siblings made me realize how much I love working with kids, how much I love teaching them and how much I love learning from them.

I had the opportunity to help my dad coach my sister's softball and basketball teams. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Throughout high school, I spent time volunteering in elementary classrooms, and any "uncertainty" I had about what I wanted to do with my life was gone.

The "uncertainty" was the fact that I maybe wouldn't get paid enough, I wouldn't be good enough or people would think I wasn't smart enough.

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And mine is kids, mine is teaching.

Children teach me to take life a little less seriously.

They have taught me that you truly never know what other people are going through and we are all going through something.

Children will teach me to keep my patience.

They will keep me young forever.

Children have taught me to never pass judgment and always spread kindness

They will teach me lessons that I can't even imagine right now and things I don't even know.

I always say that I will learn more from my students than they will from me, and I cannot wait to start that journey.

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