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11 TV and Film Theme Songs That Will Get Stuck In Your Head

....and then get annoying.

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When watching a favorite television or a movie, often we notice the opening song. Sometimes we catch ourselves singing or humming along with it, only for it to be repeating in our heads the entire time we are watching...and then maybe for the rest of the day. In general, the term for this is an "earworm" song. In some cases, even people who have never seen the piece of media would recognize it.

1. "Friends"

I believe everyone in the world knows this song, and knows to clap clap clap clap whenever they're reminded that no one told them that life was gonna be this way...

2. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

"West Philadelphia, born and raised..."

3. "Star Wars"

Any of the music from the series, really. "The Imperial March," "Binary Sunset," etc. Composer John Williams is a legend who really sets the tone for each scene and movie.

4. "The Golden Girls"

Because we hope to have friends like these in our 60s and 70s.

5. "Daria"

No true '90s kid ever forgot the lyrics to this one.

6. "Harry Potter"

Another Williams classic. Honesty, everything he's ever done deserves recognition.

7. "Ghostbusters"

If you've somehow recently forgotten this song, watch the second season of "Stranger Things." It features prominently in an episode. It's an '80s classic.

8. "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

While I was in college, many a time have I walked down the hallways of the dorm and heard this music through the walls.

9. "The Flintstone"

Imagine having to drive using only your feet? Or having a pet dinosaur? Yabba-dabba-doo!

10. "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"

The anthem of the Old West. Used in every medium...parody, satire, any show or movie set in the West. When we heard it, we knew a showdown between the cowboy and the outlaw was usually about to do DOWN.

11. "Titanic"

Celine Dion is a legend in her own right, but "My Heart Will Go On" spent 20 weeks on the Billboard chart, and two weeks at number one when it was released in 1998. We'll never let go, Jack!

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