Finals are rough, we all know it. The last week of the semester is just torture—so close, yet so far. How do you cope? Binge watch any show you haven't already watched on Netflix, obviously. The strange and wonderful world of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” provides an excellent distraction from the stress of everything on your to-do list.

1. Like when you stay up late studying and working on final presentations.

You just keep inhaling caffeine and sugar until everything is finished.

2. When you sleep through your alarm and realize you're way behind schedule.

What's the point of making a to-do list if you oversleep?

3. When nothing on the review sheet makes sense.

You're like, "Did we even learn this?"

4. When you didn't have time to eat because you had a million things to do.

When you finally get to eat and you're like, FINALLY.

5. When you've been sitting in the library for hours and haven't moved.

Your legs are asleep, too.

6. When you want to wing it because you're just so tired, but then you remember you need to keep your GPA up.

Although a quick nap probably wouldn't hurt.

7. When your professor is super vague about the instructions and exam content.

I just want to be prepared!

8. When you have your first coffee of the day.

Now you can function like a normal person.

9. When you ask your friends to help you study.

You offer to help them too; after all, what are friends for?

10. When you're still confused after studying.

Time to make use of your professor's office hours.

11. When you realize how close you are to being able to go home and being totally, 100% done with the semester, and the only thing standing in your way is a mountain of work:

Finals week is rough. I know it's hard to keep your stress levels low, but anxiety can make it harder to study and focus. So try to keep calm,remember to drink something other than coffee once in a while to stay hydrated, and if you're in need of a distraction, hit up Netflix and binge watch Twin Peaks.