Becoming a Senior in college is an exciting and bittersweet time for many students. Before you know it, three years will fly by and you'll be wondering where all the time went. Along with that, you'll be thinking a whole lot about the future. If you are a rising college senior or have been in the past, here are 11 thoughts every college senior has.

1. Wasn't I just a Freshman?

Seems like yesterday I was sweating profusely carrying all my crap up an endless amount of stairs with my parents. Did someone happen to invent a time machine and put me in it?

2. I used to think people my age were so old.

Yet somehow I still feel like a little kid... Hey Mom, what's a 401K?

3. Class starts tomorrow and I still haven't bought my books. Oh, well.

From experience you know there will be that one professor who decides to ditch the textbooks and use online texts instead. So, you'll take your chances.

4. What am I going to do after college?

Either get one of those job things or spend all your time praying that you don't have to move back home.

5. Is there a class on adulting?

I don't know, but it would probably be helpful considering I still use a hair straightener as an iron.

6. This year I will make the most of every moment!

Every. Single. Moment.

7. Why haven't I met my gf/bf yet?

Um. Hello? Where are you? Four years ago I thought for sure I would have found you by now. But it's okay. We still got this year.

8. I just wanna lay in bed a little longer.

Thinking about all of these things has me feeling more tired than ever. So professor, I am very sorry when I come to class looking like a bum over and over and over again.

9. This is the last year I'll get free student tickets to sporting events...

You mean I actually have to buy tickets when I'm an alumni?

10. Guess I should try cooking this year...

Or maybe just stick to Cook Out...

11. I'm really going to miss my friends and college too.

Fellow Seniors, make the most of this year. Spend some quality time with your best friends and get to know some new people too while you have the chance. Explore the city you're in, because who knows where you'll be in a year. Don't stress so much over the little things. You're going to do great as long as you set your mind to it! The real world is just around the corner and you're going to be okay. This school year will pass by just as quickly as all the others did and you won't wanna miss a thing. Savor each moment. Look forward to the day when you can move your tassel, toss your cap, and say you did it! Here's to Senior year and all the thoughts and feels that come along with it. Let's make it a good one!