11 Things Your Car Says About Your Personality
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11 Things Your Car Says About Your Personality

The type of car you drive says a lot about you as a person.

11 Things Your Car Says About Your Personality

That cherry red paint job and LED headlights aren't just fun, they make a statement about your personality and who you are as a person. Read on to learn more about how your car can express many traits of your personality.

1. Have a cherry red sports car? You love taking financial risks

Some cars are designed purely to attract attention. Think very expensive cars, splashy sports cars, or anything in bright red. You will surely get attention when driving this type of car, but it also shows you are willing to risk getting negative attention as well.

Studies have shown that sports cars and red cars are most often targeted by thieves and pulled over by police. So by driving one, express to others that you don't mind the risk of tickets or theft.

2. Drive a three-row minivan? You love a crowd

It's not just the safety, convenience, or storage space that makes minivans awesome mom-mobiles, but the number of kids you can fit into those things. These cars show that you love crowds, the more kids in the car, the better.

3. Have ultra-bright LED headlights? You put yourself first

LED technology used in the newest headlights produces the brightest glow. While this can be a great way to light up a dark road, it's also a safety hazard as it blinds the other drivers. There are even some cities that are thinking of banning them. Driving a car with LED headlights is the same as saying, "My comfort is more important than your safety."

4. Sporting those stick-figure family window stickers? You’re family-oriented

There are times when the "this is my family" stickers can be dangerous. Like when they share details about names, age, or other information that criminals can use to target you. However, this doesn't stop many parents from prominently displaying them. Many parents are super family-oriented and want to show to others that they are the superior family.

5. Displaying a sports team’s logo? You’re the life of the party

Publicly displaying your favorite sports team is a simple way to feel like you are part of that crowd. People also tend to take on the characteristics of their teams. Your favorite team is a scrappy underdog? An up-and-coming all-star? A winner? Then so are you by extension.

6. Drive a tricked-out pickup? You may lack confidence

Despite popular belief, self-assured and confident people don't drive the flashiest, biggest cars. In reality, the more attention-seeking your car is, the less self-confidence you likely have. Big cars are a way to compensate for feeling a lack of power. Why else would anyone drive a monster truck?

7. Drive an SUV? Safety is a top concern

Today, SUVs and crossovers dominate the roads. They take up more space when compared to regular cars but also lift the driver higher. All these features tend to make people believe that SUVs are the safer option. No wonder there are so many SUV lease deals around.

8. Have a political bumper sticker? You’re outspoken

One easy way to express your political views is by putting a political bumper sticker on your car. However, this also designates that you feel as if you are outside the mainstream culture, regardless of the politician or party that you're supporting. These people obtain pleasure from being outsiders, which is why they are compelled to publicly share their position.

9. Have an honor roll bumper sticker? You’re constantly competing with others

It's great if your kid made it to the honor roll but that doesn't mean you should express your proudness on your car, you can simply tell them. When you express it through a bumper sticker on your car, you're basically bragging about it to everyone else. It's a way of saying you are more superior to others.

10. Got an exotic car freshener? Individuality is very important to you

There are almost as many different looking car scents as there are people. They are also a way for people to express their personality. Whether you wish you were on the beach, love the outdoors, or simply dream of drying your laundry in the sunshine, manufacturers designed these scents to fit everyone's individuality.

11. Does trash spill out every time you open the door? You’re a multi-tasker

If your car is filled with food wrappers, junk mail, old socks, pop cans, and other trash, it can be a physical indication of your mental state, according to psychologist Nicole Cutts from Business2Community.

Regardless of the car you drive, the way you maintain it, inside and out, shows other people a lot about your personality. If your car is super messy, you're basically telling others that you are a slob, super-busy, scattered, or don't care about cleanliness and health.

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