“Mom, can we take ‘it’ back?” I’m sure I asked my mom and dad this several times amongst the crying and poopy diapers. Whether you were old enough to remember your siblings being born or not, you know the pros and cons of having little ones running around at some point. The constant noise and mess that was only annoying when they made it, the consistent “what’s” and “whys,” and did I mention the crying? If they weren’t constantly trying to play with my toys, mom was letting them eat the brownie batter off of MY spoon. I knew I was destined to be an only child until I realized how terrible life would be without them. There’s just a few things that have come through my mind that I want my siblings to know.

1. When you were born I was automatically kicked off of my own private island; I was no longer “the baby.”

Please understand that I was only mad about you coming because I had to start sharing my food, toys, clothes, and worst of all, grandparents. They were supposed to be all mine.

2. You made me a natural “leader.”

Some may refer to this as being bossy, but I see it as more of guiding you in the correct direction. Seriously, one day you will thank me for making you play “house” with me all those years.

3. When it comes to questions or problems you have, I will always know everything.

I know you know this, but I just wanted to remind you.

4. You became my “go-to” people.

I quickly learned that I could blame everything on you. Someone smeared Sharpie all over the floor? It wasn’t me. You’ll never known how many spankings you saved me.

5. I’m still mad that you will get away with a lot more than I do

Because let’s face it, after me mom is probably not in the mood to deal with you too.

6. As much as I complain about being your personal driver I will miss the hilarious discussions and jam sessions once you’re able to drive

(if anyone is ever crazy enough to give you a license).

7. I might as well be mom emotionally when it comes to you.

I took your cute chubby stage for granted and I tear-up when I see how grown you are. When I look back at pictures of your very first football game or dance recital to now, I can’t imagine where the time went.

8. I will always be your biggest critique.

You missed that tackle? I will tell you how to do it better (see #3).

9. I may always be the first one to correct you but I will ALWAYS be your biggest cheerleader.

I will try to be at most events, and I will definitely be the one to hug you and tell you how great you were.

10. You gave me an automatic best friend when you were born.

I may have asked mom if we could take you back to the hospital, but you can’t imagine how thankful I am for you. You are stuck with me for life and I don’t think anyone will protect and care about you as much as me.

11. I love you, always.