11 Things You Remember If Alex Russo Was Your Middle School Style Icon

11 Things You Remember If Alex Russo Was Your Middle School Style Icon

The only place for a shirt is on top of another shirt.

If you were a Wizards of Waverly place fan as a kid (or, let's be real, as an adult), you probably were obsessed with that main character Alex Russo's style. Her 14-layer outfits were the perfect way to make our middle school selves look even weirder than we already did. If you were obsessed with the fashion sense of Here's 11 things you know if Alex Russo was your middle school style icon. (I would like to disclaim that some of these photos were taken in high school. The shame.)

1. The only correct place for a shirt was on top of another shirt

Over a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved shirt, the only way to wear your cool new tank was to throw it on top of something else.

2. And the only correct place for a vest or jacket was on top of 2 other shirts

Three layers was your ideal amount of layers.

3. There is nothing cooler than a beanie resting on the back of your head

I swear after Alex wore that hat I went out and bought at least 5 to dawn on my own head. Here's a classic example of no matter how hard you tried, you never looked even remotely as good as Alex.

4. And nothing could sharpen up an outfit quite like a clunky belt

While I never went so far as to wear the belt on the outside of my outerwear, I wore enough clunky belts that if I attached them all into a line, it'd stretch at least as far as all boys stayed away from me at all times.

5. White pants were cool no matter the relation to Labor Day

After this iconic look I walked my little ass to Delia*s and got myself some white pants.

6. As were all other colored pants

And green pants. And purple pants. I recall being made fun of and I was like, okay clearly people at this lame middle school don't get their fashion advice for someone wearing a sleeveless vest over top of a V-neck.

7. A jean skirt just wasn't a jean skirt unless leggings (not tights) were underneath them

Alex's most iconic style choice was wearing leggings under jean skirts and the placing 47 more articles of clothing on and around it. Definitely something I had to get in on.

8. Bermuda shorts could have a place in everyone's wardrobe

Plaid bermuda shorts no less! A fashion icon.

9. And tall socks were a staple to truly any outfit

Hells? Boots? Shorts? Need something to pull your outfit together? No matter what, I guarantee a pair of mid-calf socks will do the trick.

10. Got a tube top? Just throw it on something else, who cares.

I mean, come on. This look is the height of luxury.

11. And the only proper place for a scarf was on top of literally every outfit ever

Alex shared with us a the fashion secret that everybody deserves to know. Nothing pulls together an outfit like a scarf. Winter, summer, dress, teeshirt (and, surprise! Clunky belt) alike, a scarf is the most important article of clothing a middle schooler can have.

Cover Image Credit: WallDevil

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9. Ebay


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