After shoving a whole semester's worth of items into my car, all I could think was, "Now how in the hell am I going to unpack all of this?" Following the unloading of my luggage into my house, it's safe to say that my bedroom looked like a crime scene for two weeks. As a master at procrastination, I did a billion things before unpacking from college. So if you still have yet to do so (no judgement man), here's a list of exquisitely random things you can do to push off that tedious task for just a bit longer.

1. Go shopping for new clothes:

Well, if I can't find a shirt amongst the clutter, I guess this means I can buy a new one...

2. Watch Netflix

When is this not an option?

3. Go out for ice cream

There's nothing quite like a good ice cream cone to distract you from your responsibilities.

4. Call your Grandma

She'll remind you that it's okay if your room isn't clean, because you're still perfect, special, and God's gift to the world.

5. Prancercise

Check out the full tutorial here:

6. Check the weather, and then tell everyone.

You're being such a help to everyone!

7. Offer to cook dinner

It's a beautiful day to learn something new!

8. Wash your car

The only fun kind of cleaning around.

9. Facebook stalk someone

One of the greatest forms of entertainment.

10. Prank call your significant other/best friend/sibling

It's an instant throwback to 6th grade.

11. And finally, take a nap.

Maybe your clothes will be magically put away when you wake up.