11 Things I Wont Miss About College This Summer
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11 Things I Wont Miss About College This Summer

College is great, but summer is even better.

11 Things I Wont Miss About College This Summer

Being at college is so much different from summertime that it is hard to even compare. As summer has begun, here are some of the things I will not miss about college.

1. Classes

Spread out over the week and can range from 7-9.

2. Campus food

Not going to miss the stomach pains following eating campus food for 24/7.

3. Homework

No matter how far in advance you plan, there was always more.

4. No sleep

Too much to do, so sleep gets sacrificed.

5. Constant music blaring

Music will surely be blaring from a neighbor as you try to sleep.

6. Lines

Too many students to get anything done timely.

7. Emails

Emails about absolutely everything except for that one assignment due the next day.

8. Walking everywhere

Wearing your coat with short sleeves so that you can get through the cold morning and warm afternoon.

9. Sharing a room

It is not all that bad, but it is not a sleepover every night.

10. People everywhere

Unable to escape the people no matter where you are on campus.

11. Arbitrary curves

Not knowing whether you are passing or failing until it is too late.

Now that the school year is over, take a minute to be grateful for all of the things you will not miss this summer.

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