11 Things People Say When I Tell Them I Am A Fashion Designer

Last weekend, I was running a quick errand at the market. The cashier told me how she loved my romper--wondering where I got it. I thanked her and told her that my friend who was a local designer made it. This is when I made my deadly mistake. I told her I was also a designer, which then led to a 15-minute conversation about me potentially altering her wedding dress for her to renew her vows. Regretfully, I left her my business card.

This is how the predictable conversation breaks down into (at least) 11 things people say when I tell them I am a fashion designer.

1. "Wow! Really?"

…. yes, really.

2. "I’ve always wanted to create my own clothing line."

Then I hear about the sewing class they took that one time and how it seems so easy and fun!

3. "Wait, so you actually make real clothes, like from fabric and sew it?"

Yes, I know how to sew.

4. "That's so cool! My grandma used to make all my clothing when I was little."

Yup, my clothing collections are exactly like the dresses your grandma made you.

5. "Can you teach me? I have so many ideas, you are so lucky!"

Sure, why not? It's not like this is my real job or anything. No need to ask--please go ahead and use my extremely expensive scissors to cut whatever you like.

6. "Omg! You should totally do project runway!"

Yes, because the only way to make it and every designer's dream is to be on reality TV and compete to create a unique garment in 24 hours with ridiculous parameters while dealing with someone crying because they actually don't know how to sew and they bought the wrong fabric.

7. "Did you make what you are wearing?"

This one is a tough one. If I say yes you, you will continue to ask me more questions and act shocked that I actually made this. If I say no you will be disappointed and then tell me how if you were a fashion designer, you would totally wear your own clothes all the time. And of course I have all the time in the world to make my own wardrobe because this is such a cute hobby.

8. "Wait, you made that?"

Does it really matter at this point.

9. "Like with a sewing machine?"

No, with a magic wand.

10. "Can you hem my jeans? I hate having to pay to get them altered."

RED FLAG! This is a pivotal moment in any new relationship because when you actually do know how to sew and the guy you are dating realizes this and brings over all his skinny jeans... you run!

11. "No, but seriously you need to be on project runway, I love Tim Gunn!"

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