The life of a competitor involves a lot of anxiety and stress. Even when you don't want to care whether or not you win, it is engraved in your head to make a big deal out of every situation. While we can all laugh now about the time you threw catch phrase at your foreign exchange student in efforts to beat the buzzer, at one time or another, everyone has probably been annoyed with your competitive "spirit". If this situation sounds familiar, then the following list should be relatable to the stressful life you live as an overly competitive person.

1. A simple game of rock, paper, scissors brings on anxiety

Any time someone mentions a way to make a decision that requires a competition, you start getting anxious because you know you have to win.

2. Family game night is no joke

One thing about being competitive is that it runs in the family, and tears have definitely been shed over a “stupid” game of clue or monopoly at some point.

3. You automatically don't like activities that you don't excel at

You avoid and come to dislike games that you aren’t the best at because even if you act like you don’t care cause you know you are bad at it, you definitely still care and aren’t going to play something you keep losing at. That’s like so depressing.

4. You take gym class too seriously

Everyone knows that one kid who thought gym class was the Olympics…that kid was you.

5. There's no such thing as playing a game "just for fun"

Just play they said. It will be fun they said. That was before the game depended on you winning the last point and you broke your arm doing it.

6. You even get satisfaction from the BuzzFeed quizzes that you ace

The words “You are an expert, you got 12/12 questions right about the characters from High School Musical” bring such joy to your life. And yes, I will share that with my Facebook friends.

7. You have to be on the same team as your friends or you might not be friends by the end of the game

Yes, after the game Rachel will still be mad that you accidentally gave her a concussion while trying to score.

8. Bragging rights are just as good of a prize as something you physically get, just as long as you win

No one will ever forget that you won the game of yahtzee on Christmas three years ago.

9. Any ribbon besides blue was a huge failure to you at field day in elementary school

It’s unfair that they make short kids do hurdles anyways. Yes, I tore my hamstring trying to make my legs go that high.

10. You secretly pretend you aren't competitive so that your "opponent" doesn't know what is coming

“Oh yeah I’m just playing for fun, I don’t even really care, we don’t even have to keep score” **goes to the bathroom to stretch and listen to pump up song**

11. Nothing is worse than losing

I’ll just leave it at that, you understand.