11 Things I've Learned From Working In HR
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11 Things I've Learned From Working In HR

Everything is not as it seems.

11 Things I've Learned From Working In HR

I didn't come into human resources like most people do with actually wanting to be there. I'm working there because I got hurt and had to move to a light duty position. I've seen and heard a lot of stuff. I've also learned more than I imagined I would.

1. There are so many gray areas.

Not everything is as transparent as we want it be. Sometimes there are not any policies for a problem and there are ton of ethical dilemmas that you encounter and you can't go into the situation full of biased opinions. You are the team member's advocate and you have to remain that way until the very end.

2. You have to expect the unexpected.

You never know what is going to walk through the door on any given day. You see a variety of things all the time. Angry families who don't realize that we don't handle those complaints, upset team members, law enforcement, patients, or anything else you can imagine you will see it. It's probably happened at some point and you can only hope someone with more experience is there to help you. Everything is not as it seems

3. Good people make mistakes.

Good people make big mistakes that can put them in a lot of trouble. This happens. It's what makes all of us humans. You can't start out trying to investigate the problem with the assumption that the person who made the mistake is a horrible person. And some problems that you think you have a handle have a whole other layer of conflicts attached to it.

4. Trust is one of the most valuable things you will have.

If people don't trust you, you are going to have a very difficult time helping with any problem that arises. You need to have a good established reputation in order to have the trust of your fellow colleagues. It will make everyone's job a little easier.

5. You are going to get frustrated.

This is a fact of life in any career and when you deal with people everyday, it is going to happen. You are going to want to tell someone to just deal with something or to get over it, but they need to know they are valued as an employee and it is your job to show them that, even when you are having the absolute worst day.

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6. You are going to to be buried in paperwork.

No matter what you do or how efficient you think you are, there is going to be a never ending stack of paperwork. You are going to be able to swim in it at some point and are going to feel buried with no way out. It's inevitable. When you think you've caught up, you really haven't. There is just a bigger stack in another room.

7. Keep your file room up to date.

I know with technology advancing that online files are becoming more popular, but until you move all of your files to e-files keep that file room up to date. Do file audits and I-9 audits every few months, file the papers if you can and don't just stack them. It pays off. Trust me.

8. We all want win-wins.

When you come into the office for some kind of problem, no one wants to fire you. We want to work with you and your boss. We want you to continue your employment with us and we value you. You matter to all of us and we ant you to know that. We will fight for you.

9. Communication is key.

Being open and transparent is a must for this job. There is no leaving stuff out when a problem arises. We can only help you as much as you help yourself. Making sure the lines are open both ways is very important.

10. Having a good boss helps you out a lot.

Your boss is important and if they are good, that makes your job a little bit easier. They are wiling to help and problem solve with you.

11. Sometimes it's necessary to let someone go.

Sometimes you can't help it. No matter how much you try an employee has to be let go. Sometimes there is no fixing the problem.

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