A right of passage in every young person's life, is getting their first job. Usually, these not-so-glamorous jobs are major motivators to work hard, so we can progress to higher positions in the career force, but, along the way you meet people that make these experiences so worth it! Here are some reasons why work friends are the best friends.

1. They make going to work not so bad.

After going into work for your fourth double shift in a row, you get burned out. They are there because sometimes you need more motivation than your paycheck to get through work.

2. They always have your back.

When it's ten minutes before you close and you've had a rough day, they're always there to pick up your slack. Especially since your other coworkers probably snuck out early, leaving you to clean up the mess.

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3. The Fun and Games.

It's like you're a kid again, playing hide and seek. The excitement of playing games while working makes the time pass 10x quicker. Finally, when your shift is over you let the real games begin... celebrating the end of your shift.

4. Vent Sessions.

On the slower days, after you have cleaned the restaurant three times and played all the games you could imagine you start off talking about how the sky is blue, and end up telling each other your deepest darkest secrets.

5. They want the best for you.

After learning your deepest and darkest secrets, they won't ever judge you because they have probably done the same things, if not worse. They will give you their true and honest advice because you have become a "work family", and they want nothing but the best for you.

6. Gossip Sessions.

Whether your gossiping about random people like: *I heard that he cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend, it's about to go down*, or the crazy people you encounter on a daily basis like: *The girl at 301 has a unibrow"; your work friends are always there to dissect the newest gossip as a way to pass time.

7. They are your biggest cheerleaders.

As much as you love gossiping together, they never would say anything about you. They are your cheerleaders. If someone was mean to you, they were mean to them. They're always looking out for you and if you need some extra love, or need someone put in their place, your work friends are your go-to.

8. They have to be your co-worker, they choose to be your friend.

There are co-workers who are there to do their job and their job only. Then there are co-workers who chose to be friendly in hopes of getting through their shift. Then, there are co-workers who start off being friendly, and end up becoming your friend because they genuinely like you. Your co-workers DO NOT have to be your friends.

9. The Group Message.

Whether it is texting about all the drama happening at work when you are all working together, how much you miss each other in the off season, or anything in between, the group message is almost always active and for some reason it never gets annoying.

10. They are more than just "Work Friends".

They started off as friends you hung out with shift after shift. They ended up being the friends you hung out with on the weekends and turn to for everything. Whether you are looking for advice, love, or a laugh, you can always count on them. No longer are they work friends, they are your best friends.