11 Things I Learned From 'Steel Magnolias'

"Steel Magnolias" is a movie that every girl in the south should have to watch in her lifetime. What I've learned from such a quirky and comical movie is what it actually means to be a southern woman. In the words of Ouiser Boudreaux, "We're supposed to put on funny looking hats and ugly old dresses and grow vegetables in the dirt" but Ms. Ouiser proves that there is more to a southern woman than traditional characteristics.

1. Beauty shops are full of more than just gossip.

2. Blush and bashful are more than just "pink and pink."

Pink can be in anyone's color palette and if you're anything like Shelby Eatenton Latcherie, you'd be too afraid to get your colors done in fear that pink isn't a color that suits you best. Any shade of pink is elegant. If blush and bashful are you're favorite colors, you know their is a significant difference between them and just plain ole pink.

3. The most unexpected thing can be the beginning of something great.

The only way to get over anything is to except it as one of live's occurrences and move on. Life has troubles and heartaches but those moments are what shapes us for what's to come of life. Though, an occasional outburst is necessary once in a while- its human.

6. A nagging mother is a caring mother.

We all have Shelby Eatenton's mother -- the mother who cares just a little too much but we love her with our whole hearts. M'Lynn taught me that having a mother who cares too much is the only perfect mother to have. My mother nags and constantly tells me things I should stray from but of course I ignore it and have to learn the hard way. When I learn the hard way, mom is always there to pick me back up.

7. When things get far too serious, "slap Ouiser Boudreaux!"

Sometimes life gets rough and we don't know how to carry on. But, just like Clairee did in Steel Magnolias, cause a scene where someone gets hit! Whether or not someone actually gets hit, it will make for some laughs. Clairee taught me that life is too short to be so serious.

8. Christmas decorations will never be too tacky.

Annelle Dupuy Desoto taught me that having a love for Jesus doesn't have to stop on Sunday mornings after church, but it can continue through Christmas decorations. You can never have enough Christmas decorations. Even baby Jesus ornaments can be spectacular!

9. We all can relate to Ouiser Boudreaux.

Ouiser Boudreaux is a hateful woman who hates men but she is a caring woman. She taught me that to be a southern woman doesn't mean just big hats, dresses and a green finger, but it is to be independent and strong willed. All stubborn women have a soft side to them.

10. All families have a Drum Eatenton.

Every family, including mine has Drum Eatenton. He's the man who doesn't listen to what his wife wants and does what all men do--irresponsible things. But, though he does what he wants, he is quite comical in his actions. Drum Eatenton is the classic man -- you can't help but love him.

11. Some friendships are too colorful for words.

The friendship between the ladies of the Chiquapin Parish is something wonderful and priceless. Each woman of this movie experiences hardships, laughs, and death but nothing brings their friendship closer than each other. Steel Magnolias is a classic movie that teaches the true meaning of friendship. It teaches the true meaning of what it means to be a southern women. Most of all, it teaches the true mean of what it means to be a "steel magnolia."

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