11 Things I Learned From Lollapolloza

1. It's not about the perfect Instagram picture.

You will probably look great for the first couple of hours into the festival. However once you start waiting in the hot sun for hours to see your favorite band and your makeup will start to smear and hair frizz up. Or you are in the far back of the concert.

2. There is no camping in Lolla.

Yes lolla is a music festival but there is no camping. You better be prepared to spend some extra cash for a hotel room or Airbnb.

3. Bring cash, a lot of extra cash.

Just as much as your ticket cost so does the food. Be sure to eat something before leaving your hotel room. Let's not talk about the price of water.

4. Make a plan.

Before heading out to an all day of music fun make sure you make a plan so don't get lost. Make you sure you plan a schedule to see all of your favorite bands. Remember there are like thousands of people in one park so navigating around will be horrible.

5. Fanny packs are you're best friends.

Think about where you are going to hold all your stuff like portable battery, a poncho in case it rains, water, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. Fanny packs are great because they are small and easy to carry especially when are in large crowds.

6. Eighty percent of the people in the crowds don't know who is actually playing.

The great thing about festivals are that you get to discover new artist you have never heard on Spotify before. On the other hand there are people don't who your favorite artist is but are in front of you. sigh.

7. Crowd surfing will be the death of you.

You might not be the person crowd surfing but you feel the pain. Next thing you know there will be pushing and hands everywhere.

8. You will dislike people sitting on other people's shoulders.

Why it's bad enough we aren't close enough to the stage.

9. There will be a lot of touching.

Whether you are line to use the port-a-potties or watching your favorite band just remember there will people pushing and shoving. Not to mention the overly drunk people who think it's funny to start pantsing people.

10. Two word: Mosh Pits

If the death of you weren't the gross port-a-potties or the crowd surfing that feels like your bones are crashing then mosh pits will be. No matter how much you try to escape them you won't be able to.

11. Overall just enjoy the moment you paid good money for it.

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