11 Things We All Get From Our Mothers

This past weekend was Mom's Day at Oklahoma State and it was fun to see all the students with their moms. But it had me thinking, what are some of the things that we all get from our mothers? Obviously we all come different families and have grown up differently, but I think we can all agree that we all receive similar characteristics from even different kinds of moms.

1. Language

We all have those catch phrases we get from our parents. Anything your mom used to tell you as a kid, you find yourself saying those same things now. You may show that you hate it, but you secretly love it.

2. Style

Now ladies, I'm not talking about "mini-fashion." But I am talking about wearing clothes your mom used to wear. With '90s clothing becoming popular again, there's a big temptation to just slip into the back of your mother's closet instead of spending the big bucks.

3. Spending Habits

When it comes to money, you probably learned everything you know from your mother. If you're a big spender, you're mother probably is too, and vice versa, if you like to save your money, your mom probably does too.

4. Sick Remedies

During your college career, you are bound to get very sick at some point in time, and at that time you will end up calling your mom. So now after those many calls for help, you've a developed a second sense of what to do for when you get sick again. You know the right medication, the right food, the right liquids and even the amount of rest.

5. Friend Protection

Remember when your mom used to tell you to call her when you get somewhere and to text her when you would be coming back home? Whether she still needs to know of your whereabouts or not, you may have noticed that you do the same for your friends. You're asking when they leave their place and when they think they'll get to your place, then when they leave you ask them to text you when they get home safe.

6. Being Prepared

Your mom probably didn't carry around a magical bag like Mary Poppins, but she probably was fully stashed for any situation. Cough drops, tissues, gum, tampons/pads, etc. Now you find yourself having those things for yourself and friends now that you're in college.

7. Making Meals

Whether your mom was a Rachael Ray double or was the master of the microwave, you are probably at a point in life where you are duplicating these meals. It could be a mean plate of brownies or added bacon crumbs to your microwaved mac and cheese, you can thank your mother for your talents.

8. Humor

When we are young we are either too young to understand our parent's humor or we think they are not cool enough so their jokes are lame. But now that we have reached the beginning of adulthood and are not able to talk to them every day, we can relate to them more and are now able to laugh over the silly things of the world.

9. Values

For years we have been poured into, and during our adolescence we went back and forth on what we thought was right and wrong. Now as independent individuals we are able to voice our own opinions and to fight for what we believe in, but it was our moms who encouraged us in the very beginning.

10. Advice

Whether in the moment you thought the advice was good or bad, you will eventually utilize the advice you were given. It can also be said that even though our parents don't know exactly what we're going through, they have lived through more and would know more than we think. Thank you moms, for having our backs.

11. Love

Above all else she has given us, love is the most important. Not only has she given it to us, but she has also been an example of it and has taught us how to give it to others. If anything has failed, she can always make up for it in this area.

So obviously either parent can teach us these things, but there is always something special about a mother. It is something we don't think we'll miss once we leave the nest, but once we do it's hard to let go. Take every advantage to love on your mother and to tell her of all the things she has given to you. Tell her, "I got it from my momma!" Thank you moms for everything you do for us college kids and for everything you will continue to do as we begin our lives away from you. We love you!

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