11 Things That You Encounter During The Winter In College

It's that time of the year again where the weather is the definition of Antarctica. If you're a college kid in the northern area, you're not catching any breaks. I swear that I go to the coldest college in the world with never ending wind and so I'm naturally pretty desperate to find warmth wherever I am. If you're in the same boat, I'm sure that you encounter these struggles of winter while in college.

1. You dodge the cold by going through every building on campus that is on the way to your next class.

I admit it, I do this all of the time. I go through wherever I can walk through to be even the slightest bit warmer.

2. The university takes it upon themselves to keep you warm by closing certain doors.

I know that you're trying to help out, but now I have to walk all the way around and freeze my butt off some more while doing it!

3. You've invested in not just any coat, but one that nearly touches the ground.

Like I said, that wind will get you. Its only appropriate that your winter coat looks like one large padded dress. You might look ridiculous, but its so worth it!

4. You'd rather wait the same time that it would take you to walk across campus for the bus because it's that cold.

My trip could take 15 minutes by foot, but those are just 15 minutes that I do not want to be in the cold. My trip takes about 45 minutes this way, but I am warm for the entire time!

5. You run everywhere.

At least, I'm guilty of this. I don't really care if I leave my friends in the cold in order to be warmer or that I look ridiculous while doing it. I'm getting warmer faster so that's all that matters!

6. Going out and being warm at the same time is a real struggle.

You, of course, can't bring your coat to the bars with you. Someone could take it and wearing your coat all night isn't your idea of a good time. So you sacrifice your warmth for your good looks. After a couple beers you'll be good to go anyway!

7. You manage to add an extra $4 to your already poor budget so that you can call a cab on your ride home from being out.

It's essential that you take a cab on the nights when the weather decides to be extra annoying, so maybe you should cut back on your junk food budget so that you can be a little warmer this winter.

8. By the time that you make your coffee and walk to class, it is cold.

This literally happened to me the other day with my Chi Tea Latte. It's so devastating.

9. You walk so far to class in so many layers that you're sweating your butt off as soon as you step in the door.

I'm only haloing myself out by bundling up, but as soon as you get to class, you have to rip off all the extra layers because you're on fire! Is there no real answer on what to wear?

10. You wait until the very last minute to walk to class.

Thinking that waiting until there's five minutes left before class is going to make it any less cold for you on your walk is just ridiculous, but we all do it.

11. You constantly complain about the weather at your school and about how you're going to transfer.

I've said it time and time again, but, let's be honest, I'm not going anywhere. I'll brave the weather for the two years that I have left. We will all survive, right?

Just think, we only have another month and a half of winter left! Who am I kidding, though? I live in the most unpredictable state of them all. If all else fails and you're sick of everything that you go through to stay warm through the winter, just dream of spring break. It's right around the corner! Stay warm this winter, guys!

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