11 Things Emily Clark Taught Epsilon Pi
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11 Things Emily Clark Taught Epsilon Pi


11 Things Emily Clark Taught Epsilon Pi
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One April day, Epsilon Pi was changed forever. We lost a beautiful light that was cherished by all she came into contact with. Emily meant so much to our chapter, and I know I learned so much from her. I am not the only one, so I asked my sisters to help compile a list of the most important things we learned from Emily during her short time on this Earth. Emily taught the women of Epsilon Pi so much, our only wish is that we could have had a little more time to learn.

1. How to pronounce “Sophronia”.

It took her a few tries, but eventually she figured it out. I will never forget that sweet smile and the laughter that went on…. and on… and on, when she was told that she was pronouncing the name completely wrong.

2. Always remain humble, even when you are at your best. - Morgan Evans

It was easy to be jealous of Emily. She didn't know how perfect she was.

3.Always give your absolute best at whatever you do. - Kayla Wilkinson

From the smallest things like school assignments to bigger things like how you treat everyone around you.

4. Be kind and respectful, not only others but ourselves too. - Danielle Oehring

The meaning of ADPI meant so much to her, and she cherished each of us as her true sisters.

5. Keep smiling. -Becca Ciupak

We all know she was never without a smile. “She smiled through kidney stones countless times and that smile brightened up any room!”

6. Always carry yourself in a positive manner and be a role model to others. - Sam Campbell

Be kind to everyone no matter what! Never quit trying to reach for your dreams.

7. Even the smallest of gestures can completely change someone's day, or even outlook on life. - Kelsey Walshe

"I'll will always remember Emily as the first person to truly make me feel at home at ADPi and make me feel like I actually belonged somewhere.”

8. Encourage people and always be there for them. - Caroline Ashley

No matter what's going on in your personal life, she would always go out of her way for people. She could look at someone and instantly know when they needed a friend, and she would be that friend.

9. Have an optimistic outlook on everything that comes your way in life. - Cara Carme

She had a bright side to every situation. She could look at the bad aspects of life and turn them around.

10. The importance of treating everyone you meet as if they are the best person in the world. - Taylor Burns

She was never unkind to anyone and she made everyone feel comfortable and loved. She would go out of her way to help others and loved everyone.

11. Remain firm in your faith, even when it feels like everything may be going wrong. - Madison Monk

April 22nd, 2015, Epsilon Pi was changed forever. We felt as if the world was crashing down around us. We couldn't believe that it was real. But, that is not what Emily would have wanted. She is in a better place and she is shining an even brighter light on us now. Emily would want us to celebrate her life because it was a beautiful life.

Though she is gone, and we have a pledge class that never had a chance to experience her, she continues to shine on us and be an example of the person we should all strive to be.

“Even though I never personally knew Emily, she is and will forever be a shining light and example in my life, to all the girls in our chapter, and across the community. Emily taught us to always be the best you can be every day because you never know what impact your life and actions can have on someone else. Emily will always be the sister I never got to meet here on earth but I know I will see again in heaven one day.“

- Courtney Lawrence

We love you, Emily. We’ll miss you forever. OBIC.


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