11 Things You Should Know If You're Going To SUNY Oswego

11 Things You Should Know If You're Going To SUNY Oswego

If you don't know these, do you even go here?

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Oswego, NY: the small town right off of Lake Ontario that is the home of SUNY Oswego students. If you're a current student, you already know all of these. If you're new to the game, here are some facts that might just help you out.

1. The wind is too strong to use an umbrella, so put up your hood and take it like a champ.

2. You will be called a freshman if you wear your lanyard around your neck.

3. Hockey is a thing here, even for the people that are clueless about hockey. The majority of us go just to scream things.

4. Don't bring Uggs and call them your "winter boots" because you'll regret it.

5. Mackin is life.

6. We have a Starbucks on campus.

7. There are to-go cups in the dining hall, use that to your advantage.

8. Oswego Sunsets are incomparable to any other sunsets.

9. The D-Bus doesn't accept pennies.

10. Sometimes you need to waste your dining dollars on some take out.

11. West Campus is the wild side.

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