11 Struggles Of Being Pale
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11 Struggles Of Being Pale

Your most likely pale if sunscreen is your best friend, lobster is an actual shade, and the sun is your enemy.

11 Struggles Of Being Pale
Edward Cullen

Being pale used to be seen as beautiful and a person of royalty. Being pale in the 21st century? That's a whole different story. Tan is the new pale. People will do whatever it takes to be tan, however some people are not blessed with the gift of getting tan. Unless you use tanning lotion, but I don't recommend that unless you want to be orange. Here are some constant struggles of being pale.

1. The sun is the enemy.

The sun is bright and feels great on your skin. However, the sun also means sunburn. Pale skin brings out the bright red pain of a sunburn that happens over and over again in the summer.

2. Sunscreen is your BFF.

Where would we be without sunscreen? It saves us from multiple sunburns and protects us from cancer. Being pale also means you cant go anywhere without sunscreen. Whenever you think you might be fine without putting on sunscreen..bad idea.

3. Summer means sunburn.

Most likely during the summer months lobster becomes your shade of color. Most people get darker, we just get red.

Source: quickmeme.com

4. Matching foundation doesn't exist.

There are dozens of different shades of foundation so you would think being pale wouldn't be a problem when it comes to makeup, except it is not the case. My foundation is called porcelain and it still is not accurate to my skin color.

5. Nude shoes are darker than your skin.

Nude clothing, shoes, and nail polish became really popular the last year and they're really cute and match everything. Being pale is a struggle because "nude" is always darker than your actual skin color. A nude tank top is really a brown tank top.

6. Yellow can never be worn.

Yellow is a pretty color but can never be worn on pale skin. It looks good on everyone else, but not for pale people. The color basically blends right in.

7. Sunburns never turn into a tan.

Most people don't like getting sunburns, but being pale makes it much worse because a tan never follows afterward. You just go from pale, red, and back to pale.

8. Flash pictures turn you into ghost form.

Sometimes flash pictures are necessary but they make you into a flash or a ghost. Sometimes your skin and face become so white, you become the ghost of the picture.

9. You are always the icing of the Oreo.

Everyone is always darker around you so of course you will be in the middle between tan people and become an Oreo. You will never be a cookie, but always the icing.

10. Comparing skin tones is your worst nightmare.

For some reason, people like to compare skin tones with each other. My skin tone never changes color, its the same all year round. People might say, "I feel so much better now that I compared my skin tone compared to yours!" I am glad I make you feel better about your skin, while making me feel worse about mine. Just don't.

11. Casper jokes are inevitable.

Haha very funny, I'm like Casper because I'm pale. Never gets old. At least he was a friendly ghost.

If your pale, you understand that the struggles are real. Don't let others opinion of you effect you or make you feel not valued. You are beautiful just the way you are!

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