There are so many little jobs piled into the big job of being a lifeguard. You will struggle...a lot. Here are some struggles you might encounter.

1. Actually Getting Certified

This is by far the worst part. There is so much to do piled into a few days. There are a few written tests and a few physical tests. It’s not that hard but it's time consuming and at times extremely boring.

2. No matter how many times you yell “No running” kids never stop running

It is like we are speaking a foreign language. They don’t understand the terms “Please do not run.” I have to say it at least a thousand times a day. You say it so often if you just give them a look they know to not run.

3. Children who can't swim but insist on trying

No matter how deep the pools are or what kind of pool you're in, you will always find those kids that want to swim and think they can but can’t. They can be any age and the parent or counselor will just come up to you and tell you “can you just keep an extra eye on Johnny, he doesn't know how to swim.” Or sometimes they would even tell you and you just have to figure it out by yourself.

4. Cleaning the pools suck

It is the lifeguards job to clean the pools at the end of each day. This sucks. Especially if you have to manually clean the pools by yourself. It could take forever.

5. Hot days are the worst days

On extra hot days everyone comes in the pool at the same time. Because everyone is in the pool, you don't get a break and incase you forgot, it's extremely hot outside.

6. Frogs, bugs and other animals

You will find anything and everything in the pools and skimmers at the end of the day and the next morning.

7. When the pools are empty

You are a little bit thankful and a little bit sad. It gets boring...very boring when there is no one in the pool. But you're also very thankful you don't have to yell at kids for a little while.

8. No matter what, it never rains

Its like mother nature knows when we are working and just makes sure it doesn't rain. There is a dome over the pools or something! It rained maybe once last summer.

9. You have a specific smell

The only thing people smell are chlorine, sunscreen, and sweat. That's the scent of a lifeguard and it never goes away.

10. Your only friends are other lifeguards

You're so busy working and saving lives you can’t venture off to meet new people. You're always at the pool. I don't think anyone is really complaining that much though, lifeguards are awesome.

11. Tan Lines

You will get them. It is inevitable. Especially if you have to wear a one piece everyday. Just embrace it.

Being a lifeguard is by far the best and worst job you could possibly have but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.