11 Struggles of Adulting, As Told By 'The Office'
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11 Struggles of Adulting, As Told By 'The Office'

6. Having to act like you're super intelligent now that you have a degree

11 Struggles of Adulting, As Told By 'The Office'
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The diplomas have been handed out, the congratulations have been shared, and the sweet, sweet freedom of adulthood is just beginning to kick in.


This is not what you had expected, is it?

Do you have your dream job, dream mate, and dream life panned out like you thought you would post-college?

If you do, I probably don't like you.

Kidding. Kind of.

At least The Office knows our struggles and offers quotes to help us relate to this awkward and confusing thing we like to call, adulting:

1. Figuring out your own finances

Life was simpler when I had a $20 bill to my name for the week and I had to spend it wisely. Now, I have three bank accounts, two credit cards, two debit cards, and a checkbook to manage and understand. Let's not forget my dad hounding me about a 401k and a retirement plan. My head is spinning.

2. Having to manage a slower metabolism

Gone are the days where pizza sufficed as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I have just one bite of pizza I can feel my love handles expanding. The struggle is real.

3. Having to buy presents for every holiday imaginable

Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, you name it - I have to buy for it. Good thing I have four bank cards!

4. Experiencing the "Sunday Scaries"

No more Sunday Funday for you. Monday called and work is in the forecast! So, enjoy your Sunday, but remember... Back to reality tomorrow.

5. Trying to be a good role model for the younger generation

You're an adult now. Obviously, this means you have your life together and make 0 mistakes. The kids look up to you now - how exciting!

6. Having to act like you're super intelligent now that you have a degree

I have a college degree so I MUST know how to spell every word in the English dictionary. Let's not forget being able to solve any math problem thrown my way. Or remembering every important date to mankind.

7. Finally understanding why your parents did certain things

Ahhh yes, now I see why you needed me to separate my laundry. And why we couldn't go out to dinner every night...

8. Dealing with mixed emotions every day

Things start to change, people start to move on with their lives, and you are trying to figure this thing called life out. I find myself wanting to cry for no apparent reason at least 5-6x a day.

9. Trying to fit in at adult functions

Am I supposed to eat the hors-d'oeuvres? Or is that socially unacceptable at this meeting? Do I talk to the person in front of me in the coffee shop or mind my own business?

10. Trying to balance a social life, professional life and hobbies

Work at 8, dinner with potential bae at 5, catch up on more work until 8:30, soccer game at 9, text the girls about your day immediately following. Go, go, go. How were we able to do this as kids?!

11. Trying to move forward without reminiscing too much about your past

I will always miss living with my best friends, eating Chipotle at 10 PM while catching up on hours of Netflix, and having countless girls' nights. I wish I knew those moments were precious when I was in them, but now I cherish them even more.

This adulting stuff is hard, man. But I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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