There's a 99.9% chance if you're a college student that you've already binge-watched "Friends". There's also a 99.9% chances you've shared some of these struggles throughout you're college life.

1. Going to class on a Monday morning & finding out you have a quiz.

2. Looking at your bank account & realizing you probably shouldn't have ordered pizza every night for the past 4 days.

3. When you finally get home for Thanksgiving break.

4. Asking your roommate if you can borrow clothes to go out in on Friday night.

5. When your roommate asks if she can eat one of your snacks.

6. When your professor pushes back your exam date.

7. Waking up on Sunday morning like.

8. When you're studying for finals but the people next door are being obnoxiously loud.

9. When you're friends beg you to go out Saturday night.

10. When you decide you're going to drop out of college and marry rich.

11. At the end of every Monday.