11 Stages Of Binge-Watching Your Favorite Show's Latest Season

11 Stages Of Binge-Watching Your Favorite Show's Latest Season

#6. Finishing episode one and realizing all the Feels™ that are going to happen this season

It has never been easier for us to binge-watch our favorite shows. With streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, our favorite show's new seasons get uploaded several months after they were released episode-by-episode on the air. There are even some series that are produced by the streaming sites themselves, which means the entire season gets uploaded all at once, without viewers having to wait every week for a new episode.

Either way, we live in a time where binge-watching shows is a norm and the occasional challenge that we accept without hesitation. Whether it's watching the entire new season on a free weekend, during the week instead of studying or even at midnight when the websites upload it, there are many stages and feelings that are all-too relatable, no matter the show.

1. Waiting for the release date like

It's been a while since last season came out and you may or may not have a countdown timer set on your phone. It's a big deal, okay?

2. It's finally time

The day has come, the planets have aligned, and your computer is completely charged and ready to go. All your friends know that your mental stability may be compromised by the end of today.

3. Getting ready to not move for at least five hours

Snacks? Check. Blankets? Check. Energy drink? Check. Phone set on "Do Not Disturb?" Check.

4. Pushing play

You really have no idea what to expect, but you know it is going to be big. Enter: anxiety and heartache.

5. When the intro plays

It really hasn't been that long since you watched an episode but the minute that familiar introduction song and title card plays, you are completely taken back. You've missed this and you don't really want it to end.

6. Finishing episode one and realizing all the Feels™ that are going to happen this season

What happened to the simpler time when things were happy and simple? The first episode of the new season is often a tell for how intense this season is going to get. When you're already feeling emotionally strung along, you know by the end you'll be screwed.

7. Hitting the halfway point

You are far from being ready to be done and you've still got half a season but you've hit the halfway mark and you are READY FOR THE NEXT ONE BRING IT ON.

8. Starting the last episode

This is it. This is the last episode. What could possibly go wrong? "Please don't let it end in a cliffhanger," you whisper to yourself.

9. Finishing the last episode

When the credits start to roll across the screen, you just sit there in shock. Did that really just happen? How long have you been sitting there? What year is it?

10. Doing the math to see how long until the next season is released

Once you've pushed through the shock of knowing the season is over, you have to know the exact minute the next season will be coming on. You can only hope that it will be a short wait and that the teaser trailers for the new season will give you enough content to distract yourself from the wait.

11. Re-watching the season to fill the void

You wonder what life was like before your existence was dedicated to this show. Watching it all over again is the only way to recreate balance and a sense of normalcy.

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