11 Songs About Angry Breakups
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11 Songs About Angry Breakups

Warning: May cause you to sing and dance along

11 Songs About Angry Breakups
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Anyone who has gone (or is going through) a bad break up knows that sometimes, the sappy “I miss my ex” love songs are just not what you want to hear. Luckily there are a lot of ladies in the music industry who know exactly how we’re feeling. So in case any of my friends are in need of a little reminder that they’re so much better off, or just in a need of a little pick-me-up of some independent girl power, I decided to pick ten songs that can help you get through a break up.

“Shout Out to My Ex”- Little Mix

“Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man
You made my heart break and that made me who I am
Here's to my ex, hey, look at me now
Well, I, I'm all the way up
I swear you'll never bring me down”

This song is definitely the newest on the playlist, having just been released in October of 2016. After hearing some recent news of my own ex, this song came just in time to give me a little reminder of what kind of guy he was, and what kind of woman I am now thanks to him (and that’s one who is much happier, and much more independent).

“Irreplaceable”- Beyoncé

“You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'bout me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable”

Throwback to one of my old favorites, but definitely a classic. I grew up with this one, and it will always be my go-to for when I’m having a bad day and just feel like belting out my feelings about stupid boys. Plus, who doesn’t love Beyoncé?

"Since U Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson

“But since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on
Yeah, yeah
Thanks to you
Now I get what I want
Since you been gone”

This one hits a little closer to home, as my ex and I did start off as pretty good friends, and he actually did reel me in with a “love song” (that I still listen to because screw him, I love it). And after a month or two, I finally felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders, and I realized just how great life is without him. And I do get what I want now, because I work my butt off for it, and I’m no longer afraid to speak my mind.

“Before He Cheats”- Carrie Underwood

“I dug my key into the side
Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive
Carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights
I slashed a hole in all four tires
Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats”

This song is perfect for the still super angry and ready to fight him when I see him girl, especially since Carrie Underwood sings about what all us girls really wish we could do to his “precious baby.” But listen ladies, he’s just not worth it. So instead, sing your heart out to a woman who knows how we feel.

“Picture to Burn”- Taylor Swift

“I hate that
Stupid old pickup truck
You never let me drive
You're a redneck heartbreak
Who's really bad at lying
So watch me strike a match
On all my wasted time
As far as I'm concerned you're
Just another picture to burn”

Another major throwback, but one that needs to be done. Especially since it’s back when Taylor was a lot angrier at her exes back then than she is now. Which isn’t a bad thing, but for the purpose of this playlist, we need something that’s a little more “F you,” and “Picture to Burn” is all about that.

“Everything Back But You”- Avril Lavinge

“I wish you were her
You left out the "E"
You left without me
And now you're somewhere out there with a
Bitch, slut, psychopath
I hate you; why are guys so lame?
Everything I gave you
I want everything back but you”

Perfect for when you’re in your room screaming your lungs out, or in need of a solo dance party 2000s style. Singing into your hair brush and jumping on your bed is highly recommended to go along with this song, but be careful not to fall off your bed. Broken bones + broken heart = not fun.

“Hypocrates”- Marina and the Diamonds

“Who are you to tell me, tell me
Who to, to be, to be?
Yeah, you let, you let go
Yeah, you let, you let go
Yeah, you let, you let go of me”

A slower song from the last few, but I really like this one. It’s more of a “You tried to control me, but now that you’re gone I’m free to do what I want” sort of song. It’s a nice one for the shower or when you’re trying to give your vocal cords a break from singing your heart out.

“Alphabet Boy”- Melanie Martinez

“I'm not a little kid now
Watch me get big now
Spell my name on the fridge now
With all your alphabet toys
You won the spelling bee now
But are you smarter than me now?
You're the prince of the playground
Little alphabet boy”

I love this one because it’s not a total break up song, but still definitely an “f you” song to those boys who thought they knew everything. But now you’re able to show them just how smart you are, and how much you accomplish without them, whether on the streets or in the books. Or even both, because who’s gonna tell you you have to pick one or the other? Certainly not this Alphabet Boy.

“Love Song”- Sarah Bareilles

“I'm not gonna write you a love song
'Cause you tell me it's
Make or breaking this
If you're on your way

I'm not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leavin'
I'ma need a better reason
To write you a love song
Today, today, yeah”

Again, not exactly a break up song, but still dedicated to the boy who constantly threatened to walk out on you if you didn’t give him what he wanted. And made you think that this is what you wanted, because you guys were a “we,” and that meant that he needed to be involved in every little thing, and would throw a hissy fit if you left him out of one little thing. Boy bye.

“Never Again”- Kelly Clarkson

“Does it hurt
To know I'll never be there
But it sucks
To see my face everywhere
It was you
Who chose to end it like you did
I was the last to know
You knew
Exactly what you would do
And don't say
You simply lost your way
She may believe you
But I never will
Never again”

Lies, cheating, revenge -- all of it comes to us in “Never Again.” Another one that likes to sit close to home, and another one that makes me feel damn good when I’m walking across campus with my head held high and my hips swaying to the beat.

“King of Anything”- Sarah Bareilles

"Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?”

This one fits well with “Hypocrates,” as again, we’re faced with a guy who just wants to control everything, and not listen to those who are being directly affected by their bullheaded and selfish actions. He’s not king of anything to you, so just go ahead and live your life the way you want to, because in your life, you’re the queen of everything.

What songs help you get through a breakup? Feel free to share them, I know there are plenty more out there, and I’m sure that we could all use a new song or two to help us get over the heartbreak.
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