With a three-and-a-half year age gap between my younger brother and I, I often find myself feeling like a second mother to him that he didn't necessarily ask for, but definitely needs. Lucky for him he has two sets of eyes on him, two people always looking out for his best interest, and two people to keep him in line!

You might find these 10 signs to be true if you're the older sibling in your family.

1. You're probably the guinea pig, for better or worse

2. The rules are less strict with your younger sibling(s)

When you were in high school your curfew was 11 p.m., and now all of the sudden because you turned out OK, your younger sibling can stay out past midnight.

3. You had a real life "doll" to play with and boss around when you were younger

4. You beam with pride and joy when your younger sibling accomplishes something

Just like a mother, I am always so proud when my brother accomplishes major milestones

5. You are your younger brother's or sister's protector

Nobody is messing with my Joe Joe!

6. You make fun of each other like no other

Have you met my brother?

Probably the most sarcastic teenager in SouthWest Florida, but will have you peeing your pants laughing.

7. You play middleman between your mom and siblings

Soooo your sibling tells your mom he's going one place, but in reality, you know that's stretching the truth a little bit.

You learn how to dance around that fine line of keeping him safe and being honest with your mother.

8. You lead by example, so you better get it right!

Since your younger sibling was born all eyes have been on you and you have set the stage for your little brother or sister to follow in your footsteps.

You don't want to let them down!

9. Sibling rivalry never dies

So what if you are both almost full-grown adults?

The teasing, bickering, competition between who is the favorite child, and arm wrestling never dies.

10. You get practice in part-time mom duties

11. There is no one else you would have rather grown up with