11 Signs You're Home For Break In Pike County, Missouri

You are now entering Pike County.

Good to have you back!

1. You hear all about everyone and what everyone has been doing while you were gone.

It's funny to hear when you're no longer involved in it. Well...

2. You hear the latest gossip on yourself that you missed while you were gone.

You find out so much!

3. You see those people out and about that you wish you didn't have to.

You know, like exes and the girls you didn't care too much for in high school.

4. You try to order pizza from Louisiana's Pizza Hut, but find out it shut down a month ago.

Then you have to drive to Bowling Green.

5. Your schedule is crammed because every second you aren't with family, you're with old friends.

You've all got to catch up over a good ole' road trip.

6. While you were gone, you could talk to ten guys and avoid the headache. But when you're home it's nearly impossible to keep up with all 10.

So, consider yourself lucky if you saw the person you've been keeping in touch with while they were away at college.

7. Road trips just aren't the same over winter break.

When the dust turns into a slush, the road trip is just not as fun.

8. All your family asks how your semester went, so you lie straight to their face.

"How was school?"

*Smiles on the outside, cries on the inside*

9. Your room may have been taken over by your sibling.

For instance, I brought all my stuff home just to find out that I had been kicked out of my own room by my little sister.

10. It really sinks in just how much everything has changed.

In the time that you were gone, so much as changed, not only in your life, but those who stayed back home. Everyone's growing up. Some are getting married. Some work full-time. You realize you can't really take a break from reality.

11. You can't use your fake ID at Next Door or Southside.

You aren't in your college town anymore. Everyone in Pike County knows exactly who you are, who your parents' are, how old you are, what street you live on, and your first dog's name.

Welcome home.

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin

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