11 Signs You Are The Ultimate Fangirl

Have you ever seen a teenage girl in an outfit that clearly screams her favorite band, movie, book, etc? Like, even her shoes have quotes written on them?

If you answered yes, then you have encountered a fangirl. And if you are laughing, you are one. Maybe as you have gotten older, you have had less time to devote to your fangirling endeavors, or you have gotten too involved in other things and have grown out of fangirling tendencies. But here are eleven tell-tale signs of things you did if you were once a fangirl that couldn't even.

1. You got emotional... about everything.

You cried when you finished the book, you cried when you realized the next book would not be coming out for another year and a half, you cried when you heard they were turning your favorite book into a movie, you cried when they announced the cast... there was just a lot of crying. Whether you were happy, sad, or excited, you just could not contain it. There was also a lot of...

If you never typed that, did you even tumblr?

2. You bought way too much fan gear.

You could not just know how much you loved your favorite band, book, actor, or singer. You felt the need to outwardly show this love and share it with everyone. You look back at it now and realize how much money you could have saved... but you still have that t-shirt, I know you do.

3. You made fan gear.

I would like to formally apologize to the friends I forced to come over to my house before every young adult book-to-movie adaptation to make t-shirts because we were "Team Peeta," or needed personalized "TFIOS" shirts, or had to dress in all black for the Divergent premiere, or needed to draw Shadowhunter runes on our arms.

But as a fangirl, these things were necessary for you. And while you were at it, you dressed up as said thing you were obsessed with every day. For me, that meant a Katniss braid every day for a full summer.

4. You instantly felt connected to someone else sporting said fan gear.

You probably said something, or at least smiled at them until they smiled back.

5. You wrote and/or read fanfiction.

Someone took my ultimate ship out of their post-apocalyptic world and put them into modern-day high school? Count me in!

6. You got irrationally angry.

You don't like that song? How can you not like that song? You wanted Hermione and Harry to be canon? Um, no. You have a strong opinion on the movie but didn't bother to read the book? Just... stop. You don't want to read the book because it'll ruin the movie for you? THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER *COUGH DIVERGENT COUGH*.

You handle these things better now, but you still feel the flickers of rage.

7. You had to stop yourself from getting too excited in public places.

This is where the famous fangirl squeal came from. You get an update about your fangirl obsession, try to keep your cool, but come dangerously close to exploding.

8. You could not wait to see that friend who fangirled about the same things.

You may have stayed up until 3 a.m. on your computer, but you were wide awake for school the next morning BECAUSE YOU HAD TO SHOW THEM SOMETHING.

9. You were the WORST to the friends who were not caught up.


10. You knew all too well that when you started fangirling about something new... there was no way to save yourself.

I'll be on the internet for five days, see you next week.

11. You felt so much joy when your ship got together.

It was literally the only thing you wanted.

Or, conversely, you died because then they were not yours.

Well, at least you always had that classic motto...

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