If there's one thing that has set me apart from the majority of my friends at college, it's that I have lived in the same city for my entire life. Certain people are simply amazed that I have never once moved, and even more amazed that I am far from being the only one. Although we often complain about the lack of things to do in town, us Tallahassee natives still find comfort in our hometown, despite a certain unpleasant nickname some people like to use thanks to "The Office." Here is a list of some things that I think most Tally natives have in common.

1. You have no problem being the only person wearing normal clothes in a restaurant full of people in business attire. In fact, you don’t even notice it anymore.

2. You notice and the lack of hills whenever you visit a downtown area in another city.

3. You either own an unnecessarily large pick-up truck or wonder why so many people own unnecessarily large pick-up trucks.

4. You miss the canopy roads when you're out of town.

5. You’re either very good at navigating because other places make much more sense to you or you’re very bad at it because the layout is nothing like your hometown.

6. You have to stop yourself from giving directions using landmarks.

7. You’re uncomfortable when you don’t know any of the cashiers if you have to go to a different Publix than you usually do.

8. You feel like you and the people around you are always the last up on the trends.

9. But when they do, it’s all anyone can talk about.

10. You graduated high school with multiple people that you had gone to preschool with.

11. You wouldn’t trade your little Tally bubble for anything.