You can just feel it, you're growing up. For some people, the transformation from teen to adult quickly takes full effect. However, some of us need a little more time to transfer into our coming adult life. You start transitioning into adulthood just like how you did when you learned to walk; baby steps.

1. You find yourself agreeing with your parents more

You spent your whole life thinking your parents were psycho, and now it has finally hit you... they know everything.

2. Your friends call you the responsible one

Yeah, you can handle the pressure. You know you're the one responsible for looking up directions and that all your friends will be late if you don't keep them in line.

3. You shower every day

Remember when this used to be a weekly thing? Yeah, well you're an adult now and people expect you to smell nice.

4. You get the political references on SNL

You no longer have to pretend to laugh while everyone else get's the joke, you're in.

5. You have a large purse filled with stuff you never use

We all need to be prepared for what life throws at us as adults. You wouldn't make it in the real world without your purse that contains your sewing kit, hand sanitizer, bobby pins, aspirin, pens, wallet, an extra pair of underwear, on the spot pimple makeup, mascara, lipstick, chapstick, tampons, breath mints, gum, breakfast bars, candy, oil-absorbing sheets, lotion, wipes, band-aids, floss, tissues, deodorant, compact hair brush, small mirror, headphones.

6. You wake up early without an alarm

No need to set that alarm! You've got an internal clock ticking and ready to go off at 6:00 a.m. for all the adult things you need to do.

7. You take yourself to your own doctor's appointments

Can I confidently sit down in the lobby and check myself in and wait for my name to be called? No problem.

8. Shopping at Ikea is equivalent to going to Six Flags

Roller coasters? Princesses? Cotton Candy? That's for babies. You're ready to buy pillows and containers.

9. You buy art

Most kids don't understand the significance of art. They ask, "How do you call that squiggly line art?" But you get it and it's for sure going to be in your future house.

10. Forget Forever 21, Kohl's is where it's at

Crop tops just aren't professional for your adult life now.

11. You send emails more than texts

You wake up in the morning and grab your phone. Instagram, snapchat, twitter and Facebook can wait. You need to check your email.