11 Signs That Show You're An Italian College Student
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Student Life

11 Signs That Show You're An Italian College Student

Hitting the pasta, pizza, and books.

11 Signs That Show You're An Italian College Student
Eat This, Not That!

If you're like me, a second generation Italian-American, there's no doubt that you have Italian pride (or pasta sauce) flowing through your veins at every given moment. Some may even consider being raised this way a blessing because of the natural love for our family, religion, and food... in that order. Coming from hardworking generations, I'm proud to say that I'm the first in my immediate family to go off to college (Woo!). While the experience of the oldest child going into their first year of college is a milestone for all families, this can be especially unique when it's all new to an Italian family. However, I wouldn't let my family, otherwise known as la famiglia, bring it to me any other way. If you can relate to any of my college experiences so far, I guarantee you that you're 100% a fellow paisan.

1. When you're giving la famiglia a walking tour of campus and you have to make sure no one is around when they’re wondering how much everything costs.

"Hey, how much of the tuition bill do you think went into that new building over there?"

2. Listening to Andrea Bocelli while studying.

I never understood the hype of his music in my household as a kid because anything that was considered classical was boring to me. However, I can now appreciate the fact that this blind Italian man sounds like an angel.

3. Going to an Italian bakery with your friends and having to explain almost everything they sell.

"Does this place sell any of those brisket cookies that you have in your dorm?"

Excuse me, do you mean biscotti? *sigh*

4. Bringing the entire famiglia to drop you off after big breaks because it will make the trips moving the 100 bags of food from the car to the building much easier.

Did I really need my whole family to drop me off? No.

Did I really need to bring all that food? Yes.

5. When you and your friends are ordering pizza and you already know what you want 5-7 business days in advance.

The pizza in Providence may be no match to the famous pizza from New Haven, Connecticut (if you're in the area, try Pepe's- the nation's best) but hey, I'll take whatever I can get.

6. When showing your famiglia around the city, you skip the well-known Italian restaurants because sometimes you just have to switch it up... but then you always end up regretting it.

Only my family would go to a burger joint in the middle of Providence's Little Italy, aka Federal Hill.

7. Coming back to school after thanksgiving break with a panettone to celebrate with for the Christmas season.

If you don't mind raisins, I promise you this Italian "fruitcake" is actually good. Tip: try toasting it with butter.

8. Critiquing the dining hall's “interpretations” of the Italian cuisine and your friends think you complain too much.

The other night I ate "chicken parmesan" aka a frozen chicken patty with sauce and melted cheese on it. But of course, I still ate it because you know... college.

9. Watching one of Sebastian Maniscalco's specials on Netflix with your friends and you feel like the only one who understands his stereotypical Italian references.

He's definitely my new favorite comedian, and I'm not even being biased because he's also Italian-American. If you haven't heard of him, check him out. You'll actually pee yourself laughing because his jokes are so relatable; he tends to make fun of everyday situations.

10. Being one of the few people who have taken an Italian language class here... or ever.

"You know Italian? My high school didn't even offer it."

11. Cringing at the fact that there are actually people out there who eat plain pasta without sauce, cheese…. nothing. Not even butter. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Isn't that like, a sin? It probably is according to my nonna.

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