11 Signs You're Actually The 'Grandma Friend' Of Your Friend Group

11 Signs You're Actually The 'Grandma Friend' Of Your Friend Group

Are you sure you don't want any more food?

Everybody knows who the “mom” of their friend group is. Some even know who the “dad” is. But have you ever stopped to think of who the “grandma” is? I have been dubbed as the grandmother of my friend group. Here are some ways to figure out who your grandma is.

1. You’re constantly complaining

It’s too hot. It’s too cold. It doesn’t have enough flavor. It’s too spicy. Usually the complaining is about food, but it could also be about things like the weather or the fact that nobody ever comes to visit you.

2. You always have something that hurts

Is it your knee or your ankle today?

3. You either have food or know where to get it

Let me just grab some granola out of my purse, dear.

4. You have strange hobbies

Knitting, mahjong, solitaire, gardening, bingo or bridge may be one of them.

5. You love going to bed early

How can your friends even go out when it’s dark? By the time it’s dark you’ll have been in bed for an hour.

6. You want to take care of everybody

If one of your friends isn’t feeling well, you try to remedy them as best you can, whether it be with ginger ale, a cough drop or cookies.

7. You love getting your friends gifts

I made you this blanket, sweetheart!

8. You’re bad with technology

What’s a Facebook?

9. You love to read

And you try to go to the library at least once a week.

10. You always refer to the past as “the good old days”

Back in my youth, everything was so much better…

11. You love all of your friends “equally”, but you actually have a favorite

As with grandchildren, you definitely have a favorite, but you keep it quiet.

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An Open Letter to the Best Friend I Didn't See Coming

Some people come into your life and change you forever—thanks, bestie.

Dear best friend,

I wasn't expecting you when God placed you in my life. I had my friends. I had my people. I wasn't exactly open to the idea of new meaningful friendships because I had the ones I needed, and it didn't seem like I really needed anybody new.

Thank God that was false. Sometimes you meet people and you just know that you're going to be good friends with. Sometimes you meet people and you realize that there is no such thing as chance. I think God has a funny way of making it seem as if the things that happen to us are by chance, but honestly, that’s a load of crap. If the biggest moments of our lives were left up to chance, then I believe that would make God out to seem as if he didn’t care. It would make it seem as if He was truly abandoning me and making me face some of my most important seasons fully isolated. But you, best friend, are a true testament to the fact that God doesn’t just leave such important aspects up to chance. Thank you for taking a chance on our friendship, and thank you for allowing me to take a chance on what I didn’t realize would be the most impactful friendship in my entire life.

Thank you for being real with me. Thank you for not sugar coating things. Thank you for telling me when I have a bad attitude. Thank you for loving me through my mistakes. Thank you for supporting me in my decisions, even if it isn’t always the decision you would make. Thank you for wanting the best for me, and for making that your true intent behind the words that you say to me, whether they be constructive criticism or encouragement.

Thank you for being a goof with me. Thank you for putting me first. Thank you for seeing the importance of our friendship. Thank you for making time in your schedule for us to just sit and do homework, eat Mexican food, or sit on the porch and listen to music that emotionally wrecks you.

You’re one of a kind. You’re a shoulder to lean on. You’re a safe place. You’re a free spirit. You’re rough and tough, but your heart melts for the people you love and it’s obvious. You’re more than meets the eye. You are worth getting to know. You are worth loving. You pursue people. You are passionate about your future. You are everything that a person needs, and I really thank God that for some reason you continue to choose to be in my life. Thank you for literally dragging me up my mountains of fear when I want to stay exactly where I am at and wallow in the sadness. You bring joy—true joy—wherever you go. You are my best friend, confidant, and biggest fan. You will be the Maid of Honor, Godmother, and fun Aunt.

I used to think lifelong friendships weren’t really a thing. It just seemed like people always grew apart and forever was never a point that was attainable. Best friends forever is a cliché phrase that is continuously overused nowadays (sometimes, I even used to make light of it), but thanks for making that a reality. You are truly the best friend I could have asked for. So thank you for it all. You make life more fun, and I couldn’t thank God more for making an incredible human, friends with me.

I love you, pal!


Cover Image Credit: Julia Dee Qualls

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What I would tell my grandfather if he were here today

What I wish my grandfather could see and experience if he were here today.


Growing up in India, my family and I have traveled a lot and lived in many cities all over the country.

For the first eight years of my life, my family lived in Mumbai. Most of my mother's family also lived here including her parents, grandmother, and brother.

Due to this, I am incredibly close to my grandmother and uncle. And miss my grandfather and great-grandmother more than words can describe.

Being the first grandchild of the family, I was pampered more than anyone else and was given everything I wanted by my grandparents.

Living so close to them, I used to see them every weekend so I grew up with them being a constant source in my life.

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, holidays, or for no reason at all, I enjoyed their presence and loved spending time with them.

As someone who always had this close-knit circle around her, I thought this would continue until I was older and did not expect to lose my grandfather so early.

Although I was 12 when he died and it has been eight years since he left us, I remember everything as if it were yesterday.

I remember how he was going to come to stay with us the weekend, how we had planned to celebrate his birthday, and how having him over (in my mind) meant a constant source of candy, stories, and fun.

Jyoti Kumar

But things never go the way you want them to and he died on July 7, 2010, only two days before he was going to come and stay with us.

This was something I did not see coming and left me shaken up pretty badly. Losing my grandfather was tough but after eight years, I can say that we have managed to accept the truth and move on.

Ask anyone in my family- my parents, my sister, my extended family- and all they can ever say is what an amazing man he was.

How he was always there for everyone and how he never let hard times shake that smile on his face.

Today I would like to tell him that while we are happy, there is not one moment when we are not thinking about him, or how it would have been if he had been alive today.

How we would have celebrated his birthday and how he deserved to be celebrated.

I would love to tell him how terribly we miss him and how glad I am that out of all his grandkids, I was lucky enough to spend 12 years with him.

How I am sad that Sadhvi (my sister) could not spend much time with him and get to know him better.

How sad my mom gets and how she wishes that he would have been there with us for a little longer.

How my father misses one of his favorite men whom he dearly loved and respected.

How although its been eight years, I wish I had spoken to him the day before he died when he called and asked to talk to me and I said no because he was going to be coming home soon.

How I wish I could have told him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me.

How I wish I could tell him that I love him, miss him, and cherish the 12 years of my life that I spent with him and got to know him.

Lastly, I would love to have him in my life all over again so that he could see how well everyone is and what we all are doing.

Jyoti Kumar

But all I can say is that Thatha (what I called my grandfather) we all miss you and love you more than words can describe.

Jyoti Kumar

Cover Image Credit:

Jyoti Kumar

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