It's that time. It's the point in the semester where going to class everyday feels like a chore. Projects, exams, and the worst of the worst.. finals. These are 11 sure signs finals are approaching at your campus.

1. Your professors expect you to come to class every day but your mind is set to summer.

So, I'm supposed to wake up and come here every single day? Rude. Honestly, rude.

2. You start to think about the fact you aren't going to sleep again until May.

Don't whine about it, wine about it. Thanks for the inspiration, Liv.

3. When your professor tells you there's still time left to save your grade.

Just give it to me straight. I can take it... Maybe. OK, lie please. I can't.

4. Laying in your bed becomes a spiritual experience.

This is what life's about. This is the point in the semester when you appreciate your bed more than ever.

5. You've made six appointments with your advisor... in the past three days.

"Calm down. Breathe. I've got you."
Shout-out to all the advisors. You rock.

6. Every waking moment is spent in the library.

Did I sleep here? When's the last time I've been home? What day is it? Did I miss my test?

7. You have no time or energy left for social interaction.

I will be forwarding all calls to my secretary and I'll get back with you once summer is here, thanks.

8. But you still need the occasional hug from your best friend to get you through.

"Please tell me I can make it through this, also let's go get cheese dip."

9. You have an 89.9 and your professor announces that they do not round grades for any reason.

How dare they, honestly?

10. Your life is crumbling around you, but you're trying your best to keep it together.

Bank account reads 0 dollars. GPA is going downhill. You're hungry, sleep deprived and delusional. Life is fine, it's OK.

11. Then finally, leaving the library headed straight to your final; ready to kill it.

Kill it. Own that final. You got this. Slay it.