Everyone remembers high school in a different way. For some, high school was four years you love remembering and wish you could go back to, while for others, it is years you would rather forget. No matter how you feel, though, there are for sure memories of where you went to high school that will always remain with you. This is likely true if you had the experience of attending a Catholic school, where everything is just a little different, and, in my opinion, a little more special. Here are 11 signs you went to a Catholic high school:

1) You miss wearing a uniform.

You might have complained about it then, but now that you have to pick out something different to wear everyday, you realize just how good getting to wake up every morning and put on the same thing every day was.

2) You knew every single person in your grade.

It was impossible not to.

3) Well, actually, you knew everyone in the whole school, for that matter.

The amount of students in your entire school made up one class in one of the local public high schools.

4) You loved nearly every single one of your teachers.

They made you not mind going to class.

5) It felt weird when you didn’t say prayers at the beginning of your first college class.

It was a sad moment when you realized you would never hear, “Please stand for the prayer and pledge,” again.

6) Whenever you traveled to another school for sports, you wondered how people even found their way around in public school because of how much bigger it was than your school.

Seriously, how did anyone maneuver around more than four hallways?

7) You knew at least five or six people in your class from when you were 5 because you went to the same Catholic elementary school.

You are still friends with them today—how could you not be after twelve years of school together?

8) Your whole school went to Mass at least every other Friday.

That’s not including every Holy Day and half day.

9) You learned the value of doing community service.

You did it to meet your community service hours then, but now you help out in your community because you enjoy it.

10) You were involved in everything because you could be.

From sports, to music, to clubs, you had the opportunity to do everything because of the smaller environment.

11) You would not trade your high school experience for anything.

Even if you do not want to admit it, you loved everything about your school.